Friday, January 14, 2011

Monsterpiece Theatre

In 1985 to 1986, WLEX-TV (Channel 18) began hosting horror movies after Saturday Night Live with a local horror show host, Millicent B. Ghastly. I was only able to capture a few episodes, but the character and her crew had a loyal following. I believe she was portrayed by then-local-actress Barbara Ends, who co-wrote the show with her husband, Stephen Schwartz (who played the Little Blue Guy who had no legs). I'm sure there are others who remember this show... I've just putting what I have up on my channel so that they can relive fond memories of staying up way too late to see if Millie read their letter.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Way Back Wednesday - Dr. Snuggles

Dr. Snuggles

Doctor Snuggles is an animated series about a friendly and optimistic inventor named Doctor Snuggles who has unusual adventures with his friends in a slightly psychedelic world. The show featured fantastical scenarios which usually involved Doctor Snuggles inventing something outlandish such as a robot helper or diamond-making machine, and had a variety of supporting characters who were mostly anthropomorphic animals.

Doctor Snuggles is a cuddly little man, an incurable optimist who longs to make the world a better place. He lives in his quaint house at the edge of the wood. It could be anywhere in the whole wide world. Doctor Snuggles is an inventor. He invents a variety of wondrous contraptions in his shed at the bottom of the garden. Each invention is specially designed to help children, animals and all living things everywhere. His aims and dreams lead him in and out of many delightful adventures. Mostly things do not transpire exactly the way Doctor Snuggles has planned, but along the way he gets caught up in a world of new friends and happy happenings; brimful of magic, laughter and fantasy.