Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Morning After LOST

Season 5, Episode 3 (88th total): Jughead

We finally know Whidmore's connection to the Island - he was once on the Island. In the 1954 timeline, Richard is still the leader of the Others and we learn Whidmore is one of his group. Of course, Richard looks the same way he always does.

And what's with the hydrogen bomb? Is this the reason that pregnant Island women die during the 2nd trimester? But if that is so, then why aren't more of the Others showing signs of radiation poisoning? As far as we know, the Dharma Initiative has not come to the Island. Is Whidmore the founder of Dharma? It would make sense, especially since he wants to know everything about the Island.

I'm still having trouble with Daniel's timeline. What does his mother have anything to do with and why did Daniel tell Desmond to go find her? Several people speculated last week that Charolette may be Daniel's mother. There were similarities to her, the woman in the coma and the picture Desmond found at Oxford. Will Desmond be able to find Daniel's mother in LA?

I thought it was interesting that Richard told Locke the leaders of the Others were picked when they were very young. Locke told Richard to come visit him - which in fact happened when Locke was 7 or 8. Will Locke be able to meet up with Richard in the next timeline? And how is Locke supposed to die?

I liked that this episode took place on the Island, but I did miss the Oceanic 6, especially Hurley. I've read a few places that this is the way the season will go - one week on the Island, one week on the mainland. I'm not sure if this is true or not, but it would make sense.

Holy mackrel of the night: Locke meeting Whidmore in the 1954 timeline.

Best flash back: The birth of Desmond and Penny's baby.

Heart wrenching moment: Learning Desmond and Penny named their baby Charlie.

The ah-ha moment: Realizing that Whidmore knew who Daniel and his mother were. Also, he is paying the mother's medical bills.

What the hell moment: The hydrogen bomb. Where did it come from - especially since it is pre-1954???

Hubba-hubba moment: When Daniel professes his love for Charolette.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Way Back Wednesday - The Wicker Man

The Wicker Man is a classic cult 1973 British film filmed in Scotland, combining thriller, existential horror and musical genres, directed by Robin Hardy and written by Anthony Shaffer. The film is a serious and literate thriller about modern paganism and stars Edward Woodward.

The story synopsis follows a Scottish police officer, Sergeant Neil Howie, visiting the isolated island of Summerisle, in the search for a missing girl. The inhabitants of Summerisle all follow a reconstucted form of Celtic paganism, which shocks and appalls the devoutly Christian Sergeant.

Edward Woodward as Sergeant Howie
Christopher Lee as Lord Summerisle
Britt Ekland as Willow
Ingrid Pitt as Librarian
Lindsay Kemp as Alder MacGregor
Irene Sunters as May Morrison
Walter Carr as School Master
Gerry Cowper as Rowan Morrison
Ian Campbell as Oak

An American remake, starring Nicolas Cage and Ellen Burstyn was released on 1 September 2006, but it doesn't capture the same feeling of the original movie.

My family owns the special limited edition of the movie marketed in a wooden box and the title burned into the top. I moved this movie up in my queue for Way Back Wednesday because me daughter and I recently watched it while my hubby was away from home.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

F&%#&%G ICE STORM !!!

The ice storm of 2009 hadn't effected me until tonight. Now half of the HUGE tree in my front yard is laying across my car!!!!

I was on the computer and my daughter was watching TV, when we heard what sounded like an explosion in the front yard. Racing to the door I didn't know what to expect. When I opened the door, all I could see was tree limbs across my driveway - right where my car is parked!

It looks like the tree trunk split in half, so only half a tree is on my car - but that's waaaaaay too much tree to be on my poor little car. It's too dark to see what kind of damage has been done, so I'll have to wait until daylight. Hopefully, if I'm not too upset, I'll try to post some pictures tomorrow.

We have been in our home for almost 16 years - we planted this tree the day we took possession of the house. My daughter tells everyone it is her tree because she was a baby when we planted it. I have birthday pictures of Christine and this tree from every year.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go have a good cry ...

Slip Sliding Away

Slip sliding away, slip sliding away - you know the nearer your destination the more you're slip sliding away ...

Most of us in the Bluegrass region of Kentucky awoke this morning to Ice Storm 2009. Here in Harrodsburg, we only got about 1 inch of snow, but the snow is now covered with a half inch of ice!

My car is iced over, all my trees are iced over - not to mention all the stubble in my wildflower garden. It makes for some beautiful pictures, but not so beautiful driving conditions. Daughter is home from school and I'm home from work. Unfortunately, the hubby had to stay overnight in Lexington to be ready to do team coverage of the storm damage.

This morning I refused to take our doggie for a walk, so I put on his longest lead and stood on the back porch so he could go out in the yard do his business. Even though he weighs almost 50 pounds, he was walking on TOP of the ice! Yes, that's how thick the ice is on the ground - my doggie didn't even break through to the snow. And yes, now there is a yellow stain on the snow/ice and a lovely package I'll have to shovel up later.

Hope everyone is safe and warm and still has electricity. Later ...

Monday, January 26, 2009

Football Coach Goes on Trial

Kentucky made it into the national news this weekend, but not in a good way.

(Photo by Michael Hayman, The Courier-Journal)

David Jason Stinson, the head football coach of Pleasure Ridge Park High School in Louisville, has been charged with reckless homicide in the death of a 15-year-old player who collapsed from heat stroke at practice. You can read the story here.

I have very mixed feelings about this. On one hand I think the coach should have arranged to have practice late in the evening. Also, another boy collapsed before the 15 year old, so I think practice should have been suspended to protect the other players.

But on the other hand, the boys father was at practice. Why didn't he do something sooner? According to info released this weekend, 911 was not called for 20 minutes after the boy collapsed. Where was the father during all this?

What does everyone think? This is such a sad case, but I can see both sides.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sunday's Seven Wonders - Great Pyramid of Giza

I've recently become interested in learning about the wonders of the world. During my research I have learned there are the 7 wonders of the ancient world, 7 wonders of the medieval world, 7 wonders of the modern world, the new 7 wonders of the world, 7 wonders of the natural world, 7 wonders of the underwater world, and 7 wonders of the industrial world.

In order to do each of these wonders justice, I will be highlighting a different wonder here every Sunday. I will begin with the 7 wonders of the ancient world.

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World - #1 the Great Pyramid of Giza

(Photo credit: Nina Aldin Thune)

The Great Pyramid of Giza, also called Khufu's Pyramid or the Pyramid of Khufu, and Pyramid of Cheops, is the oldest and largest of the three pyramids in the Giza Necropolis bordering what is now Cairo, Egypt, and is the only remaining member of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. It is believed the pyramid was built as a tomb for Fourth dynasty Egyptian pharaoh Khufu and constructed over a 14 to 20 year period concluding around 2560 BC.

The Great Pyramid consists of more than 2.3 million limestone blocks. The Egyptians shipped the limestone blocks from quarries all along the Nile River. The stone was cut by hammering wedges into the stone. Then the wedges were soaked with water. The wedges expanded, causing the rock to crack. Once they were cut, they were carried by boat either up or down the Nile River to the pyramid.

Although succeeding pyramids were smaller, pyramid building continued until the end of the Middle Kingdom (2040 BC and 1640 BC.). However, the pyramids were robbed by the New Kingdom, when the construction of royal tombs in a desert valley, now known as the Valley of the Kings, began. The Great Pyramid itself was reportedly opened and emptied by the Middle Kingdom.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Love Is A Tangled Web Contest

Tribal Witch is having a new giveaway in honor of Valentine's day ... "LOVE IS A TANGLED WEB CONTEST."

There are 4 contests - each has a different way to enter, so read the rules carefully and have fun entering. Check out her blog for the handcrafted gifts.

She also has a blog dedicated just to bartering her handcrafted items, Barter Tribal Witch.

Anita Blake Humor

Laurell K. Hamilton is my favorite fiction writer and I love her Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series, so I thought this cartoon by Penny Arcade was hilarious!!

(Click on commic to make it larger)


Hubby's Pictures From Washington, D.C.

Here are a few photos my hubby took while he was in Washington, D.C. for the Presidential Inauguration.

His view of the Capitol Building

The huge crowd

Behind the scenes on the Mall

The MSNBC booth (Hubby brought me back an MSNBC Obama sign given to him by one of the employees of MSNBC.

And Keith Olbermann! Yes, that is the man behind the curtain - I mean the backside of my favorite commentator.

I hope to have more photos in a few days - stay tuned ...

Friday, January 23, 2009

Yes, Grasshopper - You Can Be a Master Gardener

Oh my gosh ... my local Cooperative Extension Office is going to be offering Master Gardener classes starting in February! I am totally stoked!!! I have been wanting to become a Master Gardener for years! Now is my opportunity.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Morning After LOST

LOST Season 5, Episode 1 (84th series episode) - "Because You Left"
The remaining island survivors start to feel the effects of the aftermath of moving the island, and Jack and Ben begin their quest to reunite the Oceanic 6 in order to return to the island with Locke's body in an attempt to save their former fellow castaways.

Alrighty now, let's get down to it! To start with, who was the man and baby in the opening scene?? I'm still not sure, but maybe I'll know more after I re-watch last night's episode.

This episode was well worth waiting for - there were so many shifts in time and space I wasn't sure if I was flashing forward, flashing backward or just having hot flashes. We got our first glimpses of the Dharma Compound as they were taping the Dharma videos. But there was a problem at the Orchid - what was Daniel doing there?

Flashing back to the day the Island moved - Locke in alone in the rain, Daniel is still in the rescue boat with 6 castaways, and Sawyer and Juliet are on the beach but the campsite is missing - yikes!

Flashing to the mainland - Kate is on the run again because someone suspects she isn't Aaron's mother, Sun is detained by Whidmore at the airport, Hurley is accused of murder, Sayid is drugged, Desmond is with Penny, and Jack and Ben are working for a common goal.

Holy mackrel of the night - Hurley getting pulled over for wreckless driving by Ana Lucia.

Best flash back - Locke almost getting hit by the airplane (the one full of heroin).

Heart wrenching moment - Hurley confessing all the lies to his mother.

The ah-ha moment - learning that only the castaways are moving through time and space - the others aren't shifting.

What the hell moment - who was shooting the flaming arrows? I almost thought I was watching an episode of Robin Hood.

Best hubba-hubba moments - having Sawyer shirtless for the first hour! Oh, be still my heart!

I did get the answers to some questions I had, but I also have new questions. My only complaint - next week we only get one hour of LOST - bummer!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hitting the Ground Running

I applaud two of Pres. Obama's first executive orders: Pay freezes and tighter Lobbying rules. Check it out on MSNBC.

The pay freeze affects the roughly 100 White House employees who make more than $100,000 a year. "Families are tightening their belts, and so should Washington," Obama said.

Obama's new lobbying rules will ban aides from trying to influence the administration when they leave his staff. Those already hired will be banned from working on matters they have previously lobbied on, or to approach agencies that they once targeted.

That was one of the problems with the Bush administration, too many lobbyists, too many former White House employees who then lobbyied the agencies they worked for and lobbyists with too much power.

He is also putting an end to all the government "secrecy".
Just because a government agency has the legal power to keep information private does not mean that it should.

Pretty good for the first full day of work!

Tonight's the Night

Yes, yes yes - tonight is the 2-hour premiere of LOST season 5! Not to mention the fact there will be a 1-hour "clips" show to bring everyone up-to-date!

Actually, I'm about as up-to-date as I can get because I just finished watching the 3-hour season 4 finale 2 nights ago!

Questions I want answers to:

--Why do the Oceanic 6 have to return to the Island and why haven't they tried to rescue their fellow castaways?
--Where did the Island move to and will the Oceanic 6 be able to find it again!
--What has happened to the castaways since the Oceanic 6 were rescued?
--Will the Oceanic 6 return to the Island and will they bring Locke's body as Ben insisted?
--Is Hurley still talking to dead people?
--Will Kate and Sawyer be reunited?

According to Wikipedia:
Season five follows two primary storylines. The first takes place on the island, which has been moved in both space and time by Ben, and focuses on the events that lead to Locke's death in 2007. The second takes place off the island following Locke's death and deals with Jack and Ben's attempt to reunite the Oceanic Six and return to the island with Locke's dead body.

Tonight's episode is entitled "Because You Left":
The remaining island survivors start to feel the effects of the aftermath of moving the island, and Jack and Ben begin their quest to reunite the Oceanic 6 in order to return to the island with Locke's body in an attempt to save their former fellow castaways.
Fasten your seatbelts - it's going to be a bumpy ride!

Way Back Wednesday - Lidsville

Lidsville was Sid and Marty Krofft's third television show following H.R. Pufnstuf (1969) and The Bugaloos (1970). As did its predecessors, the series combined two types of characters. Conventional actors in makeup were filmed alongside performers in full mascot costumes, whose voices were dubbed in post-production. Seventeen episodes aired on Saturday mornings for two seasons, 1971–1973.

The show involved a teenage boy named Mark (Butch Patrick) who fell into the hat of Merlo the Magician (Charles Nelson Reilly) and arrived in Lidsville, a land of living hats. The hats on the show are depicted as having the same roles as the humans who would normally wear them.

The villain of the show was a magician named Horatio J. HooDoo (also played by Charles Nelson Reilly). Among other notable characters were Raunchy Rabbit (Sharon Baird in mascot, but voiced by Walker Edmiston), Weenie the Genie (Billie Hayes), and Rah-Rah the football helmet (portrayed by Jerry Maren, voiced by Lennie Weinrib).

FOR ANYONE WHO IS INTERESTED: I now have most of my Way Back Wednesday features listed on the sidebar. You can click any link to find my reviews for classic movies and television series.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

On This Day in History

"Sha-na-na na, Sha-na-na na, hey hey hey, goodbye!"
Bye-bye, 43 - you won't be missed! I thought it was heartwarming to see the President and Mrs. Obama, as well as the Vice President and Dr. Biden, watching George W and Laura as they exited stage right. It's like the ending of the dark times in America and the beginning of a new light.

You can read a transcript of President Obama's inspirational inaugural speech here.

I thought the most inspirational quote from the speech was:
“Starting today, we must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and begin again the work of remaking America.”

The tear-jerker moment of the day - watching little Sasha and Malia Obama on stage with their parents. Priceless.

The most embarrassing moment of the day - when Chief Justice John Roberts flubbed up the 35-word oath of office, which in turn flubbed up the new President.

The most memorial moment of the day - watching the huge throng of people on the National Mall. Even though I was at home on my couch, I could feel the excitement.

The weirdest moment of the day - seeing Dick Cheney being wheeled out of the White House in a wheelchair. They say pay back's a bitch!

The most "southern" moment of the day - when Michelle Obama presented the First Lady with a gift upon their arrival at the White House. Classic.

And the funniest quote of the day came courtsey of Rev. Joseph Lowery during the Benediction:

"...We ask you to help us work for that day,
When Black will not be asked to get back,
When Brown can stick around,
When Yellow will be mellow,
When the Red man can get ahead man,
And when White will embrace what is right."

Hope Is In the Air

The enthusiasm is contagious! Everything is building to a crescendo for this all important day in history. Hope is in the air and with hope comes the emergence of a new day in America.

After agonizing over whether to allow my daughter to stay home from school today - I did decide YES - today ended up being a snow day. So now she can stay home without fear of all the work she's missing!

My hubby called last night - he is in Washington for work - and he said the crowds and the traffic are unbelievable! He said just going a short distance takes hours and hours. But he did say most people are excited and even helpful. Plus, he got to see Keith Olbermann doing Countdown from the temporary set for MSNBC!

Today is one of those "Where were you" moments in history our children and grandchildren will be talking about. Write down your hopes and feelings. Talk to your family about what is important to you. Someday, a family member will feel honored to know what YOU were feeling on this important day.

Remember to sign-up and volunteer your services to your community. Even if it is only a small step, every little small step counts towards making our nation stronger.

Happy Inauguration! God Bless America!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Open Mouth, Insert Foot

Just before Barack Obama choose Joe Biden to be his Vice-Presidential running mate, my hubby and I speculated that the choice would probably be between Biden and Hillary Clinton. I told my hubby: "One will be Veep, the other will be Secretary of State."

Well, today on OPRAH, Joe Biden's wife let it slip that Obama gave Biden the choice of being Vice President or Secretary of State. She said Biden choose Veep because he would remain closer to home and would be able to spend time with his family.

Now, this in no way makes me doubt Obama because I like both Clinton and Biden. I think Clinton would have been wasted as Veep - she will be much more effective as Secretary of State.

But I do wonder - what other deals were made that we don't know about?? I guess only time will tell.

As for me, I'll be glued to the Inauguration coverage tomorrow - just like the rest of America.

HBO Snubs Openly Gay Episcopal Bishop

Shame on you HBO!!! On one hand I give you kudos for offering free service to everyone wanting to watch the Inaugural Concert Sunday at the National Mall, but on the other hand I take it away because you did not allow millions to see and hear the invocation prayer by openly gay Rev. Gene Robinson of the Episcopal Church!

Go here to read a transcript of:

A Prayer for the Nation and Our Next President, Barack Obama
By The Rt. Rev. V. Gene Robinson, Episcopal Bishop of New Hampshire

Here is a YouTube video someone was able to record:

Sunday, January 18, 2009

More Distractions

More distractions for the weekend - daughter and I have been enveloped in "comfort movies" all weekend. We just finished watching one of our top 10 favorite movies, LABYRINTH with David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly.

No matter how many times we watch this movie, we never get tired of it. Plus, we also see something new with each showing. Tonight we noticed that the vest Hoggle is wearing in the first scene we see him has a picture of someone on the back - not sure if it's another goblin or what.

LABYRINTH and Chinese food - if hubby had been home, it would have been a perfect evening!

The Nuclear Football

Okay, am I the only idiot in America that didn't know what a Nuclear Football was until today? Please don't answer that!...

Intently watching all the Inauguration festivities on MSNBC today, one of the commentators made a comment about the "nuclear football" in the Obama motorcade. Being the ever inquisitive individual, I Googled "nuclear football" is this is what I found. According to Wikipedia:

The Nuclear Football (also called the Atomic Football, President's Emergency Satchel, The Button, The Red Button, The Black Box or just The Football) is a specially outfitted black briefcase used by the President of the United States of America to authorize the use of nuclear weapons. Adopted to permit the president to make a nuclear-attack order while away from fixed command centers, such as the White House Situation Room, it functions as a mobile hub in the strategic defense system of the United States. While exact details about the football are highly classified, several sources have provided information about the bag, its contents, and its operation.

According to Global Security:
It [the nuclear football] follows the President where ever he goes and is never more that a few steps from his side. It is carried by a military officer who must undergo the nation's most rigorous security background check - the "Yankee White". It contains a secure SATCOM radio and handset, the nuclear launch codes known as the "Gold Codes" and the President's Decision Book - the nuclear playbook that the President would rely on if he would ever have to decide to use nuclear weapons. Its real name is unknown but it is popularly known as "the football".

Okay, so now I really feel like an idiot. I guess you really do learn something new every day!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Distractions from Worry

To keep from worrying about the hubby on his long trip to Washington D.C., the daughter and I have been watching LORD OF THE RINGS. We are currently about half way through - getting ready to start the 2nd disc of THE TWO TOWERS.

It's amazing how these movies never get old.

The Island is Waiting

Okay, so I'm finally caught up with LOST and I'll be ready for the season premiere next week. Do I understand everything? Not in the least, but now I know how the Oceanic 6 evolved.

Is Locke really dead? Did the island really move? What happened to the people on the freighter when it exploded? Are the rest of the survivors still alive? What about the Others? Will the Oceanic 6 return to the island?

Eagerly awaiting Season 5 ...

Friday, January 16, 2009

Historic Inauguration

Is everyone as excited about our new President the way my family is? The next few years are going to be historical and I have great expectations that President Obama will change the course of our country. And after the last 8 years, we need all the changing we can get!

The swearing-in of the President of the United States occurs upon the commencement of a new term of a President of the United States. The United States Constitution mandates that the President make the following oath or affirmation before he or she can "enter on the Execution" of the office of the presidency:
"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

The newly elected or re-elected President traditionally adds "so help me God" to the constitutionally mandated statement.

Everyone is gearing up for the Presidential Inauguration next Tuesday. The swearing-in traditionally takes place at noon on Inauguration Day at the United States Capitol in Washington, D.C., with the Chief Justice of the United States administering the oath.

Saturday - January 17th -Obama and his family will kick off a "Whistle Stop Tour" from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to Wilmington, Delaware, where they will be joined by Vice President-elect Joe Biden and his family and head for Baltimore, Maryland.

Sunday - January 18th - Official Inauguration events begin with a welcome event will be held in the afternoon at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to kick off the presidential inauguration.

Monday - January 19th - Martin Luther King Day - To honor King's legacy, Obama and Biden and their families will participate in activities dedicated to serving others in communities across the Washington, D.C. There will also be a series of bipartisan dinners will be held to highlight Obama's commitment to renewing America's promise via bipartisan accomplishment and a concert for U.S. children is scheduled for night to reflect a spirit of unity for Americans of all ages.

Tuesday - January 20th - Obama and Biden will be sworn in at noon on the West Front of the Capitol Hill, followed by a luncheon with all lawmakers in the Capitol's Saturday Hall and an inaugural parade along Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House. A total of 10 official inaugural balls will be held at different venues in Washington.

Wednesday - January 21st - Obama and Biden will participate in a National Prayer Service at the Washington National Cathedral in the morning and begin their administration.

Like most Americans, my daughter and I will be watching the festivities from the comfort of our living room couch - making memories for the future. My hubby, on the other hand, will be in Washington, right in the thick of things. A crew from WLEX TV18 will be leaving for Washington on Saturday afternoon and are slated to return on Wednesday.

On This Date in History

On this date in history:

January 16, 1909 - American singer/actress Ethel Merman was born.

January 16, 1919 - The 18th Amendment to the US Constitution, prohibiting the 'manufacture, sale, or transportation of intoxicating liquors for beverage purposes', achieves the necessary two-thirds majority for state ratification, and thus becomes the law of the land.

January 16, 1942 - Hollywood actress Carole Lombard is killed in a plane crash; she was 32.

January 16, 1945 - Adolf Hitler takes to his underground bunker, where he remains for 105 days until he commits suicide.

January 16, 1979 - Faced with an army mutiny and violent demonstrations against his rule, Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi is forced to flee Iran.

January 16, 1991 - The United States goes to war with Iraq, beginning the 1st Gulf War.

January 16, 1998 - Monica Lewinsky's 11 hour interrogation by OIC after she was set-up by Linda Tripp.

January 16, 2003 - The Space Shuttle Columbia takes off for mission STS-107 which would be its final one. Columbia disintegrated 16 days later on re-entry.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mo's Coming to Town

Mo Rocca is coming to town. He will be visiting Danville along with the Kentucky Historical Society's "Kentucky's Abraham Lincoln" HistoryMobile exhibit in conjunction with the Kentucky Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial celebration.

Rocca and the HistoryMobile will be at Constitution Square on Thursday, Jan. 15 from 10:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Rocca will be conducting his famous man-on-the-street interviews and filming for a CBS Sunday Morning segment. This event is free and open to the public.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Way Back Wednesday - H.R. Pufnstuf

H.R. Pufnstuf is a children's television series produced by Sid and Marty Krofft in the United States. There were seventeen episodes of the show originally broadcast from September 6, 1969 to September 4, 1971. It was so successful that NBC kept it on the Saturday morning schedule for a full three seasons until August 1972, when it was canceled.

H.R. Pufnstuf introduced the Kroffts' most-used plot scenario, revolving around a boy named Jimmy (played by Jack Wild - OMG, I had such a crush on him!) who had accidentally found Living Island, a magical place where everything was alive. The Mayor of Living Island was a friendly dragon named H.R. Pufnstuf (voiced by the show's writer Lennie Weinrib) and the costume was worn by Property Master Albert F. Bentley. Jimmy had been lured to the island with his friend, a talking gold flute named Freddy, by a magic boat which promised adventures across the sea. The boat was actually owned and controlled by a wicked witch named Wilhelmina W. Witchiepoo (played by Billie Hayes) who rode on a broomstick-like vehicle called the Vroom Broom. Jimmy was taken in by Pufnstuf, who was able to protect him from Witchiepoo as the cave where he lived was the only place her magic had no effect. I also loved the adorable Keystone Cops, Kling and Klang.

The show debuted when I was 10 and I had a Pufnstuf lunchbox and thermos to take to school. Sadly, this was sold in a yard sale many, many years ago.

I also owned the Pufnstuf soundtrack - I still have this old LP in my album collection, but I haven't had it out in a very long time.

My hubby bought me the complete DVD set about 6 years ago when it was first released. I'll occasionally feel reminencent about my childhood and pull them out to watch. My children think I'm crazy, but I can't wait to show these to my grandchildren!

H.R. Pufnstuff,
Who's your friend when things get rough?
H.R. Pufnstuff
Can't do a little cause he can't do enough.

Once upon a summertime
Just a dream from yesterday
A boy and his magic golden flute
Heard a boat from off the bay
"Come and play with me, Jimmy
Come and play with me.
And I will take you on a trip
Far across the sea."

But the boat belonged to a kooky old witch
Who had in mind the flute to snitch
From her broom broom in the sky
She watched her plans materialize
She waved her wand
The beautiful boat was gone
The skies grew dark
The sea grew rough
And the boat sailed on and on and on and on and on and on.

But Pufnstuff was watching too
And knew exactly what to do
He saw the witch's boat attack
And as the boy was fighting back
He called his rescue racer crew
As often they'd rehearsed
And off to save the boy they flew
But who would get there first?

But now the boy had washed ashore
Puf arrived to save the day
Which made the witch so mad and sore
She shook her first and screamed away.

H.R. Pufnstuff,
Who's your friend when things get rough?
H.R. Pufnstuff
Can't do a little cause he can't do enough.

H.R. Pufnstuff,
Who's your friend when things get rough?
H.R. Pufnstuff
Can't do a little cause he can't do enough.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Maxine Says It All

This was sent to me from a friend in email form and I couldn't resist. Maxine says it all!
Maxine on Minorities

We need to show more sympathy for these people.
* They travel miles in the heat.
* They risk their lives crossing a border.
* They don't get paid enough wages.
* They do jobs that others won't do or are afraid to do.
* They live in crowded conditions among a people who speak a different language.
* They rarely see their families, and they face adversity all day ~ every day.

I'm not talking about illegal Mexicans ~ I'm talking about our troops! Doesn't it seem strange that many Democrats and Republicans are willing to lavish all kinds of social benefits on illegals, but don't support our troops, and are even threatening to defund them?

Thanks, Kevin!

We All Live in a Yellow Submarine

Today is the 40th anniversary of the psychedelic rock album Yellow Submarine by The Beatles.

Although released to correspond with the film of the same name, Yellow Submarine is usually considered The Beatles' weakest release, because it featured only six songs by the band. This album never reached the #1 spot in the US or in the UK.

However, the single, Yellow Submarine, is my 16 year old daughter's favorite Beatles' song.

Side one
All tracks were credited to John Lennon and Paul McCartney, except where noted.

"Yellow Submarine" – Originally from Revolver
"Only a Northern Song" (George Harrison)
"All Together Now"
"Hey Bulldog"
"It's All Too Much" (Harrison)
"All You Need Is Love"

Side two
All tracks were written by George Martin, except where noted.

"Sea of Time"
"Sea of Holes"
"Sea of Monsters"
"March of the Meanies"
"Pepperland Laid Waste"
"Yellow Submarine in Pepperland" (Lennon, McCartney, arr. George Martin)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

"Mirror, mirror on the wall,
Whose the best President of all?"

Listening to President Bush's finale news conference today was a little like watching the Evil Witch from Snow White. Does he honestly look in the mirror and feel good about the last 8 years? Has he been living in the same country as me, or is he off on his own private universe?

Well, duh, strike that, run it again - of course he's been in his own universe ... Surely the President of the United States would not drag our wonderful country from a record surplus to a record deficit in the span of only 8 years. Or bog us down into 2 unending wars, while never catching the person responsible for 911. Or allow torture, or Gitmo detainees, or warrantless wiretappings. Or allow the greed of corporate business to overtake the very existence of a middle or lower class.

No, surely not one of our Presidents ...

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In Which, I'll Now Cluck Like a Chicken

Okay, before anyone laughs, I knew before I went this was probably a silly idea, but me and my girlfriend did it any way.

What, you may ask, did we do? We went to a weight loss hypnosis seminar. Okay, you're only allowed 60 seconds to laugh, so go ahead and get it out of your system ...

Times up ...

Anyway, this was basically just an outing for the two of us, something to do for fun that we thought might end up helping us in the long run.

Wrong!!!! This was the biggest waste of 3 hours I've spent since I had to attend monthly meetings for work.

And yes, we are both Registered Nurses, so we knew better, but we went anyway!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I feel the need to cluck like a chicken ...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Overwhelming Grief

One of my writing prompt blogs recently asked the following question:
What one moment in your past do you wish was immortalized in a photograph?

My answer would be the weekend of January 8th, 2005, because I did not know my baby sister would be dead by January 11th.

We had the most wonderful weekend together - she actually sent the night at my house and we watched vampire movies and talked all weekend. My hubby even arranged for her to see "Dark Side of the Rainbow" - which is basicallly watching "The Wizard of Oz" and listening to Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon". She had never done that, so my hubby surprised her on Saturday night.

Monday morning, I helped her get enrolled for her spring semester in nursing school. Tuesday she was dead, at age 39, of a heart attack.

My life has never been the same. It has been 4 years today, and I still think of my sister every single day. Some days are better than others, but some days are just pure hell.

We have family Christmas photos from a few weeks before her death, but I wish we had thought to take pictures of that wonderful weekend.

Today has been an extremely hard day for me. I thought grief was supposed to lessen after time, but I miss my sister as much today as I did the day she died. I've spent most of my day writing, but much of what I've written has taken a very dark turn, so I probably won't be sharing it here, or on my writing blog.

I just need to get through today with my sanity intact.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

25 Years and Counting

My family and I have just returned from the WLEX TV18 Employee Appreciation Party. This is an annual event to recognize all the hard work these folks go through to bring us the news. There is always good food, good fellowship and good fun had by all - this year was no exception!

This was my hubby's 25th Anniversary with WLEX! Can you imagine? He has spent half of his life working for the number one television station in the state of Kentucky!

My hubby has worked as a weekend news director, master control operator, and Monsterpiece Theater director. He is currently a news videographer and satellite truck operator. Next week he will be leaving for Washington, D.C. to cover the historic inauguration of Barack Obama.

Congratulations baby, I love you!

Friday, January 9, 2009


This fall my oldest daughter bagged a 15 point buck here in Mercer County. Once the meat was processed, all our freezers are full! Because my hubby and youngest daughter love my meatloaf - made with ground turkey or chicken - I decided to try my hand at meatloaf using deerburger. Turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself!

Bobbi's Deerloaf

-1 pound deerburger (or ground beef, turkey or chicken)
-2 eggs, beaten
-1/2 cup chopped bell peppers
-1/4 cup chopped onion
-1 envelope onion soup mix
-1/2 cup tomato paste (or ketsup, in a pinch)
-1 box stuffing (Stovetop or generic brand)
-Salt and pepper to taste
-3 TBSP water (deerburger is dry, so this keeps it moist)

Mix everything together in a large bowl (reserving 1/2 the tomato paste) until all ingredients are well incorporated. Spray a loaf pan with non-stick spray. Pack deerloaf into loaf pan and spread remaining tomato pastoe on top. Cover with aluminum foil and bake in a 350 degree oven for 45 minutes. Remove foil from pan and continue cooking for 15 more minutes. Allow to rest 10 minutes before slicing.

Yummy! There is always plenty to have for sandwiches the next day, and to take my mother-in-law a plate.

Remember, this kind of meatloaf,NOT this kind of Meatloaf!!!!