Monday, February 8, 2010

The WHO Rock the Superbowl

Photo copyright Rolling Stone

Many of you may know I am not a sports fan, so the only reason I record the Superbowl is to watch the commericals and the halftime show. This year THE WHO rocked the Superbowl to mixed reviews.

Here's what Rolling Stone had to say:
Pete Townshend got things started by furiously strumming an acoustic guitar as Roger Daltrey grabbed the mike and began “Pinball Wizard” while pyro erupted from the center of the field, which was covered in a giant circular display of lights rather than filled with fans, as per tradition.
This morning I've heard the complaints: they're too old to play live, they were lip syncing, too much of a light show, and so on and so on. Personally, I thought they were great, considering Pete and Roger are both 60+ years old. I enjoyed the light show because it reminds me of other rock concerts I've been to over the years. I thought Roger and Pete both looked great for their ages.

Photo copyright Rolling Stone

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