Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Way Back Wednesday - I'll Be There

To celebrate my love of Craig Ferguson, I'm highlighting one of his movies ...

... I'll Be There is a 2003 British comedy-drama film directed and co-written by Craig Ferguson, who, in his directorial debut, also stars in the film with singer Charlotte Church in her film debut.

A washed-up 80's pop star suddenly has a new direction in life when he discovers that he has a teenage daughter, Olivia, in Cardiff, Wales. The result of a weekend affair he had back at the height of his fame produced Olivia, a newspaper delivery girl for the South Wales Echo. He arrives in the small Welsh town, unsettling the life of his ex-lover while inspiring his newfound daughter to follow in his footsteps with a musical career of her own, against the wishes of her mother.

Favorite quotes:

Dr. Bridget: You drove your motorcycle through a second floor window in your house. Would you call that the act of a sane man?
Paul Kerr: Hey! I'm a rock star. I've driven cars into swimming pools and thrown television sets out of windows. It's part of the job!

Paul Kerr: Be reasonable, why would I try to kill myself? I'm rich and I'm Scottish, it doesn't get better than that.

Paul Kerr: I'm not mad, I'm just creative!

Paul Kerr: I just think its amazing that I bought a house so close to here. It's like Kermit!
Rebecca Edmonds:
You mean kismet, Kermit's a frog you idiot!

Olivia Edmonds: Can I have twenty pounds please Mum?
Rebecca Edmonds: Why?
Olivia Edmonds: Well, I need currency to have a viable existence in a capitalist society.
Ask a stupid question...

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