Friday, May 2, 2008

Pegasus, Oaks and Derby ... Oh My!

Okay ... it's that time of year again. Derby fever has hit the bluegrass. Although I enjoy watching the big race on TV, I have come to dread almost everything else pertaining to the Derby. Because my husband is a news videographer at WLEX-18, he has been in Louisville since yesterday and I won't see him again until late, late Saturday night. Bummer!

Wednesday was the "pill pull" and, of course, the media had to cover the story so people would know what starting position their favorite horse is in. Day one ends with my favorite, the filly "Eight Belles" in the number four position.

Today it was the Pegasus Parade and again the media had to cover this event for everyone who wanted to see the parade. I quit caring about parades after a clown chased me up Main Street during a Christmas parade when my youngest was 5 years old. (I hate clowns! There is nothing scarier than a white painted face with a huge red grin. Ohhh, it gives me the willies!) Day two ends with me missing my hubby and wondering if I'll make it until he's home again.

Tomorrow is Oaks Day at the Downs, when all the Louisville natives traditionally go to the races. And again, the media will be covering the races and giving a blow by blow. At least day three is ending on a weekend, so it won't matter that I haven't been able to slept without my hubby.

Of course, Saturday is the big day. WLEX will be on the air early and will run coverage right up to and after the race (WAVE in Louisville has the official rights to air the actural Derby Race). After the 6:00 news, I know my hubby will be packing up his equipment and fighting the crowd and traffic to make it back home.

I know I'm a wuss, but I don't function well when my hubby is out of down. Even though I'm in the spring of my life - okay, maybe 45 is not the springtime of my life - I miss my hubby. He is my best friend. Maybe my horse will win; that might make his absence almost tolerable

Come Sunday morning, Derby 2008 will be a distant memroy, and I'll have an entire year before I get Derby anxiety again.

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