Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Television Addict

Hello, my name is Bobbi and I'm a television addict.

Sounds like the beginning of a 12-step program to me. I've always known that I loved watching television, but with two children already out of the house, and one more on the way, I think my obsession has gotten worse.

I start the morning with the TODAY show - checking in with Matt, Meridith, Ann and Al while I'm eating breakfast and getting ready for work. I get off work at noon, so I'm usually catching up with the political news on MSNBC while I eat lunch. Most days, I spend the afternoon writing, but the television is always on. It's amazing how much Dr. Phil, Oprah, or Martha Stewart you can absorb while you're writing. Some people write to music; I write to television.
Of course, I have daily and weekly programs that are "must see" habits of vital importance to my health and well-being, not to mention my sanity.

On a daily basis, the first thing I have to watch is All My Children. I have been watching this soap opera for 30+ years. Pine Valley is like a modern day Peyton Place and Erica Kane is the Queen of all things. The second thing I have to watch is Countdown with Keith Olbermann; to me Keith is the King of all news; not to mention Oddball and Worst Person in the World. These are two hours I absolutely must have in my day; and actually, if you count using the DVR, it's only like an hour and a half.

On a weekly basis, I have several series that are "must see" in our home. The first one is Bones (check the TV & Movie forum for a thread on Bones). Tonight was the last episode of this season, so I'm going to have to wait several months before catching up with Booth, Bones and the rest of the gang. Robin Hood is another show my family loves and thankfully, it has just started a new season; I have visions of robbing the rich to feed the poor.

Other shows on the must see list, but which have ended for the season, include: Medium, Heroes, Breaking Bad, and Terminator: the Sarah Conners' Chronicles. The last big three I watch are all on cable and will be returning this summer: Weeds, Big Love, and Californication. Of course, my hubby has his favorites as well, so I get to watch My Name Is Earl, How I Met Your Mother, Last Comic Standing, and Hell's Kitchen (and Kitchen Nightmares.)

Like I said, I'm addicted to television. Even when I'm reading, I have the television on. They say the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem; who are they? And if I admit I have a problem, then I'll be obligated to correct the problem, right?

On second thought, maybe I'm not addicted to television after all. Yeah, that's it, I just like watching the TV. Yeah, there's no problem here; no problem at all ...

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