Sunday, June 8, 2008

Kittens: Part 2

As I'm writing this, my hubby is laying on the couch covered in kittens. This weekend we finally gave the new kittens the run of the house (they had currently been cloistered in my daughter's bedroom).

For some reason my hubby is a cat magnet - all he has to do is sit down, and the kittens clamor to be close to him. I'm a cat person, too, but for some reason, the kittens won't stay in my lap when I try to hold them. I'll pluck up a kitten to nuzzle and within minutes, it is trying to escape my lap to be with my husband.

It's been interesting watching the kittens bond with our dog, Bubby. Bubby is a Great Pryanese, weighing 120 pounds; the kittens weigh, maybe 4 pounds all together. He has been so excited about the new "toys" to play with, nosing and licking them until they are wet balls of fluff. So far, so good; everyone seems to be getting along.

Unfortunately, the more I play with the kittens, the more I fall in love with them. We have already named them - a very bad sign if we want to give them away! I've layed claim to the little gray one, the only female, naming her Bella, after the character in the Twilight books. The cream colored one has been named WeeHawk, after a character in the animated movie, Wizards; he's a little fighter. The 2 yellow kittens have been named Merrill, from the movie Signs, and Clive, after Clive Barker, the author. Okay, go ahead and say it, my family is kind of weird!
Anyway, the kittens have been a joy, even if they won't stay in my lap. Hopefully the Health Department won't shut us down for having too many cats in the house. Litter box duty just got a lot more complicated!

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