Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Morning After WEEDS

I haven't done a "morning after WEEDS" in a few weeks, mainly because I've been too busy. But last nights episode left me scratching my head and wondering if the show is headed totally into left field.

Weeds season 5, episode 10 - Perro Insano (Insane Dog)

In last week's episode, Esteban and Nancy go outside to talk, and Shane goes outside to eavesdrop on their conversation. A gangster walks up the path outside the Botwin house and attempts to shoot Nancy, but misses his target and the bullet hits Shane. The would-be assassin is then killed by Cesar.

This week starts off with Cesar fixing Shane's wound in the car on the way to Esteban's house, because they can't take him to the hospital because they will report it to the police. Audra comes to Esteban's house to fix up Shane's arm - she promises not to report the incident to the police. Audra also gives Shane a bottle of Percocet.

I think the saddest part of last night's episode is when Shane confides in Silas that he hasn’t taken any of the pain medication because he likes feeling pain since it helps block out all other thoughts. This really made me stop and think about what Nancy is actually doing to her children. She may try to save them from physical harm - although this hasn't worked (i.e., Silas being beat up in season 3 and Shane being shot) - but she can't save them from emotional harm.

Later, Nancy confronts Cesar, who admits he was involved in the assassination attempt, which was organized by Pilar. Nancy shoots him in the arm, as 'an eye for an eye' for Shane's wound.

Doug finds out Celia is selling weed with her cosmetics. Celia freezes out Dean from her business venture. Doug and Dean form an alliance to bring down Celia. Doug paid Dean back for the d**k in a drawer gag by having Dean dip his b*lls in hot coffee - hilarious! These 2 are such juveniles.

Pilar has had Esteban replaced as candidate for governor, but on Nancy's encouragement he decides to run for election independently. This could eventually cause problems for her family, so Nancy encourages Silas to travel Europe, to ensure his safety. Silas declines Nancy's offer, concerned for the safety of his family. He demands that Esteban provide protection for the Botwin family. Esteban agrees and Silas moves into Esteban's house. No we're one big happy family.

Esteban decides he really does want to marry Nancy and raise their child together. I was surprised to see Andy so compliant when Nancy had him removed from the birth certificate as Stevie Ray's father - for some reason, I thought he'd put up more of a fight. Nancy and Esteban get married at the house, in front of Silas, Shane, Cesar and a group of other bodyguards.

The shocker of the night was Nancy visiting Guillermo in prison. She pretends to be his wife so she can take advantage of "conjugal visits" in order to be alone with Guillermo and ask him to organize an assassination of Pilar. Oh what a tangled web we weave ...

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mrsb said...

This episode sort of confused/frustrated me. What was the whole point of having Andy take on the baby as a father, if they were just going to change it in the next episode? I was hoping that we'd get a little more out of that.

And, after the whole "Esteban might kill Nancy and take the baby" thing, why on earth would Nancy still want to be with him? He's treated her like crap several times now, and still she's happy to be with him and endanger her boys even further?

I'm not by any means ready to give up on this show, but it does seem to be going all over the place this season.