Monday, March 22, 2010

S'more make the world go 'round

Saturday night, while most people were glued to big-screen televisions watching the Wildcats play, my family and I were gathered around a backyard bonfire roasting marshmallows for s’mores. Yummy!

With our hurried and hectic lives, we sometimes feel like we are moving on three separate tracks and it’s hard to find the occasional intersections. I currently work two part time jobs that keep me away from home, plus I’m working on a book project that takes many hours a day of my “home time.” My hubby works long hours and has a long commute daily from Lexington, so it’s usually late when he finally gets home. My youngest is still plugging away at homework while trying to finish up scholarship applications for college.

Meals at our house are always a late night affair and it is not unusual for us to sit down to supper at 8pm most weeknights. Granted, Christine and I could always eat earlier, but I hate cooking early and then having to warm it up for hubby – after a hard day of work, the least I can do is offer him a hot meal. So, mealtimes are late, but it is the one time of day when we are all three together. We talk about our day – many times, it’s complain about our day – and discuss what we have to do throughout the week. Who is going to be late on which nights, who will be cooking supper, are there any special meetings – these are just a few of the questions we have for each other at our night meals.

Even though you may feel your family is running on different tracks, make time for the little things throughout the week. It doesn’t have to be a big celebration or even a planned event, sometimes just an impromptu bonfire and s’mores is all it takes to recharge your family battery.

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Natalie said...

We almost always eat dinner together. Even if one of us is not hungry we are still all right there so we can share time together