Monday, March 1, 2010

Where Forth Are Thou, Spring?

Today is supposed to be the first day of meteorological spring, but in essence, spring won’t really be here until March 20th. Spring is always a time of renewal, and after autumn, is my favorite season.

I’ve always been a cold-natured person, but the older I get, the more I’m growing to dislike cold weather. I could never understand why all my grandparents complained about the winter months. I thought playing in the snow and being out in the cold, frigid air was great. I hated to wear a hat or gloves or a scarf – they just got in the way of my fun.

As I’ve gotten older, the cold weather makes my joints ache. I have never had any problems with knee pain until this winter. If I sit too long, I feel like I’m 100 years old when I stand up. It takes me a few minutes to get everything moving again. At night when I’m trying to sleep is the hardest part. The big joints are what hurt the most – knees, elbows and spine. Ben Gay and ibuprofen have become my friends.

Hurry up spring – not only am I ready to start working in the garden, but I’m ready for my joints to loosen up and quit hurting. I keep telling my kids, I’m too young to hurt so bad!

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