Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Don't Forget to be Thankful

I realize I am usually the first person to begin chiming out the number of days until Christmas each year right after my birthday in August - for those keeping count we are T-minus 45 days - but even I think it is too early to start decorating for the season.

I know stores and malls begin decorating very early in order to attract the most customers, but why do individual home owners feel the need to begin the festivities before Thanksgiving has rolled around? Just today on my way into work, I counted no less than 8 homes already decorated for Christmas. I just wish we could slow the seasons down!

This Thanksgiving, I have a lot to be thankful for and I intend thank God for all my blessings. This year has brought us three and a half new members to our family and an expanding family is one to be grateful for. First is our new son-in-law, Jason Wilham, and although he an Amber have only been married a few months, he is the perfect fit for our family. Our second addition is Mike Huntsberger, boyfriend of my middle daughter, Marie - their impending marriage is another joy to look forward to. The third addition is a brand-new great niece, Desiree Carter Semones, precious daughter of my niece, Ashley. Desiree is the first new baby in our family in over 16 years and we are thankful to be celebrating her first Thanksgiving. And you may be wondering about the half person - Marie and Mike are expecting my first grandchild next June and I couldn't be more excited! A new son, an upcoming son, a new baby and an impending grandchild – my family is truly blessed!

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Tribal Horse Designs said...

wonderful reasons to be thankful:) I agree about rushing xmas with the decorating. I get burnt out on xmas before dec even gets here anymore.