Friday, November 20, 2009

Free Flowing Friday

Where the heck did this week go? I cannot believe next week is Thanksgiving - I am not ready for the holidays!

1.) Every morning on my way in to work, I listen to Mix 94.5 on the radio - but what's up with starting Merry Mixmas so early this year? All week long, I've listened to Christmas music - and I've been singing along! As much as I had to see the holidays rushed, I can't seem to make myself turn the channel when "Holly Jolly Christmas" starts to play or when "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer" comes to save the day. But there is one song I do have to change the channel for because it makes me cry, and it's the one where the little boy is buying the shoes for his Momma because "Momma Might See Jesus Tonight" - talk about a tear jerker!

2.) Finishing up my 2nd full week at the Ragged Edge and I'm loving it. The work is rewarding, even though I've had a few choice words at the horrible condition of the filing system. The only real problem with an afternoon job is it has cut into my writing time. I try to get up an hour early to write, then I write through lunch, but by the time I get home in the afternoon, I wiped out. I try to write a little before bedtime, but many times I end up nodding off before I get anything usable down on paper. Maybe once I get more in the swing of thing, I'll have a little more time - and I guess there is always the weekend.

3.) I was contacted by Arcadia Publishing this week about the possibility of doing a book about Harrodsburg - exciting! A friend of mine knows the acquisition editor and she gave her my name as a possible contact person. We've been exchanging emails and there is currently a package of information in the mail to me. I'm so excited!!! I have lived in Harrodsburg all my life and writing a book about my historic hometown would be awesome. I'll keep you informed.

4.) My friend Liz sent me a message this morning and I was the winner of an electric fryer she was giving away on her Easy Meals Examiner page! Whoopie!! Thanks so much, Liz - this is definitely something my family can use. You need to go check out Liz's recipes - she has some great one!

5.) I'm still working my way through Stephen King's UNDER THE DOME - I can't believe it is taking me this long to read a book. Granted it is a 1,100+ page book, but still - it shouldn't be taking me a week. So far, I'm loving it - I have always enjoyed his larger books with a huge cast of characters. This one is right up there with THE STAND, but in a way, this story is scarier because the setting is a much smaller place - instead of having the entire USA as a setting, this story takes place in one small town. It's almost like a daily soap opera addiction - I get to read about a few characters every day.

6.) Last night was my big TV night of the week - why do so many of my favorite shows come on the same night? I kept the DVR hot! First up is BONES, followed by FRINGE, then I have to wait until hubby goes to bed so I can watch VAMPIRE DIARIES and GREY'S ANATOMY - he's not watching either of these. So, yes, Friday mornings I'm usually dragging because I stayed awake too late watching TV - but it was so much fun!

7.) Yesterday was a kind of rough day for me because it was my sister's birthday - she would have been 44 years old. I still miss her so much, and I am so sad she will never get to know her beautiful granddaughter, Desiree. I know Amy is keeping an eye on all of us, and I can't wait until the day we are reunited again.

8.) My Mom had some bad news from her tests this week. I'm not ready to talk about it, but if you would all keep her in your prayers, I would appreciate it. Thank you.

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Lynn Irwin Stewart said...

You have a lot going on. Good luck on the book -- that is exciting. I'm sorry about your mom's news.