Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy 2K10

(Must touch toes)

I learned a long time ago not to make New Year's Resolutions because I can never keep them. That being said, I do have some goals I wish to obtain during the year 2010:

I want to have my first book published - I am currently working on 3. One is a collection of my Mercer's Magazine stories, one is a book of poetry and one is a pictorial history of Harrodsburg. I would love to get all 3 published, but I know that's being greedy, so my goal is to get at least one of these in print.

I am not setting a weight loss goal because this task seems unsurmountable to me, but I have set a goal of getting healthier in 2010. I need to exercise more, eat less and try to wean myself off of Coca-Cola yet again. I realize I need to take one step at a time, but in my case, I may have to take one minute at a time.

Keep my home organized before my first grandbaby arrives! My home is currently not "child friendly" and I want to see my grandbaby lots and lots - so out with the old and bring in NO new! I need to minimize my home and get rid of the junk that is cluttering every room. I also want to turn our spare bedroom into an office / nursery. This will be a monumental undertaking, but it has to be done.

I also want to spend as much time as possible with my youngest daughter before she is off to college. I can't believe my baby is in her last semester of her senior year - in 9 months she will be off to college and I'll be left with an empty nest. I plan to make the most of my time with her.

I have a longer list of goals printed out and posted on the desks in both of my offices and I hope to make baby steps on each goal every day. For some reason, obtaining goals just sounds better to me than keeping New Year's resolutions.

So, what have you planned for the New Year?

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