Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Morning After Weeds ....

... and it was so nice to see all the Botwins again! The season 5 premiere picked up right where it left on in season 4. Nancy (Mary-Louise Parker) is still in Esteban's (Demián Bichir) office waiting for his reaction to her news that she is pregnant - "And it feels like a boy."

**********SPOILER ALERT**********

Of course, the ugly part of the show started out quick as well, with Cesar (Enrique Castillo) killing 2 men in the office, right in front of Nancy. This, naturally, freaks her out - hell it would me, too.

Once at home, Nancy tells Andy (Justin Kirk) she is pregnant, and he has a mini breakdown of his own. Doug (Kevin Nealon) is still hanging around and he is his usual stoned self.

As for Silas (Hunter Parrish) and Shane (Alexander Gould) - little Shane has really grown up!! He and Silas are now almost the same size. Silas is making plans with Doug to start a farm somewhere in the National Park - this cannot end well. On the other hand, it looks like Shane is being shipped off to live with kooky aunt Jill (who will be played by Jennifer Jason Leigh) - oh, and he's still selling pot. E-gads, what a tangled web they weave!

Which brings us to poor Celia (Elizabeth Perkins) - she is still being held hostage by her daughter, Quinn (Haley Hudson), and Quinn's boyfriend. The boyfriend has been calling everyone in Celia's phone trying to get ransom money, but he strikes out at every call. Nobody wants Celia back!

This season has started off with a bang and I can't wait to see what interesting and new direction the show takes. Previews show Nancy visiting Guillermo in prison, so it's nice to know he will still be around. As for Cesar - I don't trust him one little bit. He looks like the type of man who could turn on his boss (Esteban) just to tie up loose ends - and he sees Nancy as a loose end.

Reruns will be on all week, so try to catch it if you can ....

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mrsb said...

I did not love last season of Weeds as much as the previous, until the very last episode where she announced she was pregnant. What a shock!

This season is off to a bang, and I can't wait to see what happens next.

Poor Andy! I feel so bad for him!

Doug's reaction to the ransom demand killed me. So funny!