Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Morning After Weeds

Super Lucky Happy 05x04 (#54)
"Nancy is paid a visit by rogue DEA agent Roy Till and must decide his fate. Meanwhile, Celia finally arrives stateside and sets up camp in Nancy’s garage. Andy discovers an old bank account under Judah’s name and must find a way to access it. Silas and Doug use their new law enforcement connection, Deputy C.P. Jones , to strong-arm a lease for their medical marijuana dispensary."


It's a good thing I like the character of Andy (Justin Kirk) because the last 2 shows have centered more around him than Nancy. Not a bad thing, just an observation. In last night's episode, Andy tries to impersonate his dead brother in order to close out a forgotten bank account of Judea's. Of course, Andy being who he is, gets into a pickle because the bank teller is an old flame of Judea's.

I would really like to see Andy and Nancy finally get together, but I'm beginning to think this will never happen. Although I think Nancy is only with Esteban to save her life - and the boys' lives - I don't think she really loves him. I think she is harboring some deep emotions for Andy. I guess we'll see.

The main focus of the show continues to be on what’s going to happen with Nancy and Esteban’s baby and whether or not Nancy’s life will be safe once the baby is born. Esteban showed a softer side last night when he learned the baby was truly his (thru CVS testing) and that it was going to be a boy. He gives Nancy a baby swing to assemble for the baby. Of course, this swing gave us one of the best quotes of the night as Nancy is trying to put it together:
"Plastic demon from hell!"
The other hilarious quote from the night came when Nancy had Roy Till and Ignacio tied up to keep them from killing each other. As she leaves the room, the men start kicking each other, until Ignacio is horrified and screams to Roy:
"You have a boner."
Roy replies:
"That happens sometimes in the heat of combat."
I'm not sure how I feel about this situation ending, especially when Esteban came in and solved the problem. I'm not liking the increased violence this season.

Nancy's solution to problems during this episode was to consult the Magic 8 Ball - not very reliable, but funny none-the-less. When Esteban shows up to solve the Roy/Ignacio problem, he finds Nancy sitting on the floor outside the bedroom mumbling all the possible answers you can get from the Magic 8 Ball. Later, Esteban chucks the ball into the ocean.

Silas and Shane continue their criminal pursuits. Silas and Doug have been successful in procuring a building to start their new business. Shane gets ripped off by his English teacher when trying to sell him some product. Shane used to be the "moral center" of this little family, as evidence by Andy's question to him:
"Is it ok to impersonate your dead brother and pseudo-steal some money if you're gonna use the cash for the family's greater good?"
Shane seems to be slip-sliding into a life of crime to match everyone else.I hate to see this happen - it has been my least favorite part of the show last season and this season. Shane was such an intelligent boy and now he's turning into a thug.

And we can't forget about Celia, who has finally showed up on Nancy's doorstep looking for a place to stay. Nancy wants nothing to do with Celia, but Celia is like a tick that won't let go. When Nancy was lighting matches and them throwing them at Celia, I cracked up - but I have a feeling Nancy will end up taking her in before it is all over with.

This was not my favorite episode of the season, but it was pretty good. I'm looking forward to Shane dealing with his teacher next week.

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mrsb said...

I love Andy to death, and I'm glad to see that they are using him more. Everything he does these days is directly related to trying to make life better for Nancy and their family.

I could not believe the physical changes in Shane at the start of this season! He's really grown into a young man instead of a kid. I guess that is also part of what's going on with him in the show, too. He's starting to try to stretch his wings. It does make me sad to see him turning to the "family business", though. I think at some point he'll either have to turn away from it, or he'll end up the worst one of the bunch.

I agree that Nancy has feelings for Andy. How could she not? Even if he's a slightly silly goof, he still stands by her no matter what - surely his life would have been easier if he'd of skidaddled already!