Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Morning After Weeds

Su-Su-Sucio episode 05x03 (#53)


This episode starts out with our favorite goon - Cesar - staring Nancy down in her own kitchen. The barking doorbell rings - it's Cesar's bodyguard relief, Sucio. Sucio is filthy and one of the funniest lines of the night was Cesar saying, "He's comfortable with his man smell."

Sucio turns out to be the dark comic relief in tonight's episode - he literally points a gun at everyone entering the house. Andy returns home from Nancy's sister's house and is greeted by Sucio's gun pointed at the back of his head. Introductions are made and Andy attempts a Phil Collins "Sussudio" comment, which, of course, doesn't translate into Spanish.

When Nancy takes a bathroom break,with Andy still trying to explain "Sussudio," Nancy comes out in a panic - she's bleeding and must go to the doctor. Is it a problem with the baby or the rough sex from last episode? Thankfully, the baby is okay.

Silas comes home (to Sucio's pointed gun) and from all the compliments he is paying her, she knows he's up to something. Looks like Silas and Doug want to open a retail medical marijuana store. Seems like growing in the national forest wasn't such a good idea after all.

Then Shane comes home (again to Sucio's pointed gun), followed by Nancy's sister Jill.
"She banged Uncle Andy," Shane says. "You didn't," says Nancy. "I can do things," says Jill.
Jill tells Nancy she is being blackmailed by Shane. Sibling rivalry begins and we learn some things about Nancy we never knew before.

However, within a few minutes of Andy realizing Jill is in the house, they are upstairs having sex!

Elsewhere, Celia is awakened by a hand clamped over her mouth dragging her out of bed. Looks like her free-rein in the rebel camp is over - she ends up on a bus in Texas.

Silas and Doug find a local police officer to sign off on their medical marijuana store - for a cut of the profits.

Nancy, fed up with Sucio's filthiness, drags him to the outdoor shower. While she is retrieving a loofah for him, she returns to find only a pile of clothes and a few drops of blood. Nancy panics and makes everyone leave the house. Is it Guillermo's people or Esteban's? Must not be Esteban, because he tells her to get somewhere safe. You know Nancy is really scared when she asks Esteban for Cesar to come back and guard her and her family.

I enjoyed this episode because I learned a lot of things about Nancy, like her affair with her science teacher when she was only 13 years old. Or how she left Jill to care for their dying parents and funeral preparations.

The comedy is still present, but the darkness seems to be creeping in more and more. I have no idea where this season is taking us, but Nancy and the gang are on the run again.

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mrsb said...

Just got to watch the episode, and I was very happy to see some of the comedy come back into the show. Even with Sucio disappearing and the threat of danger, there were laughs to be had.

I'm really enjoying Nancy's sister. I hope she sticks around or at least comes back to visit on a regular basis.