Friday, June 12, 2009

Sarah Needs to Go Away ....

.... I'm about sick of Palin's attention seeking ways. Sen. John McCain may have pulled her into the limelight, but Sarah Palin is trying to wiggle her way into the high elite of the Republican party anyway she can.

I am truly sorry that David Letterman made a crude joke at her expense. Although it was several tasteless jokes, he did no worse than any other comedian - and believe me I have heard much, much worse.

But instead of letting the joke go at face value for what it was - a crude joke - Sarah saw an opportunity to get 15 more minutes of fame. She has complained because the media leaves President Obama's girls alone, but she is the one who threw her children into the spotlight. Obama has not paraded his children in front of every media outlet on the planet and he set down ground rules from the beginning. Which is what Palin should have done, but didn't.

She paraded those children - the pregnant one as well - out on stage during the RNC and continued to pull them into interviews and news reports. Now that the tide has turned on her future, she wants to put her children back in the Jeannie bottle.

Only it don't work that way. If you use your children to gain you points and sympathy, then you need to accept the consequences of your decision. It may not be right, but she made her children fair game - there is no one to blame but Sarah Palin.

I've had enough. As my Granny used to say:
"She made her bed, now she has to lay in it."

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