Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pro-Choice is NOT Pro-Abortion

Bryan Kemper of LifeNews.Com recently wrote an article entitled, Barack Obama and the Difference Between Pro-Choice and Pro-Abortion. Obviously this gentlemen is under a delusion that pro-choice and pro-abortion are the same thing - of course, considering he represents Stand True Ministries, I shouldn't be surprised.

Pro-choice is just that - your right to choice. Just because he tries to convince you pro-choice means pro-abortion doesn't make it true.
"The term “pro-choice” should really embody all of the “pro” stances on every issue ... When someone refers to themselves as pro-choice, what choice are they referring to? Abortion."

Pro-choice is:
-A Woman's right to choose to carry a child to full-term.
-A Woman's right to choose to give said child up for adoption.
-A Woman's right to choose to abort the pregnancy.

Pro-choice is 3 options, not one as Mr. Kemper tries to imply. Just because he tries to convince himself and his readers that pro-choice is only one option, doesn't make him right.

Personally, I don't agree with abortion - it is not something I would do, nor would I want my daughters to do. But it is not my right to tell another woman what she can or cannot do with her body. If all the Pro-lifers would band together and adopt all the children from American orphanages and foster homes, then we wouldn't have to worry about the hundreds of thousands of children they want brought into this world. These unwanted children are born everyday, but Pro-lifers do not seem concerned for them. They don't seem concerned that the majority of these children will face abuse because of unwantedness. They don't seem concerned that these children will never have families or proper homes or a proper upbringing.

Pro-lifers believe in a "Field of Dreams" scenario - let them be born and someone will adopt them, care for them. The problem is, it's just a dream, because the Pro-lifers are not concerned about these children after they are born.


Natalie said...

Well said! It really bugs me as well when people assume that because someone is pro choice it means they are pro abortion. I could have choosen to have an abortion when I got pregnant with Daniel, but I did not. But the iomportant thing is I had that choice. Whether I or anyone else chooses to use that choice is their own personal decision. It should not be decided for us by the powers that be

hls1209 said...

Well said, ladies. I believe everyone should the right to make choices - be it about their bodies, their religion, etc.