Monday, December 1, 2008

Cyber Crimes

Cyber Suicide: What is the world coming to when someone can webcast their own suicide on the internet and no one calls for help for 12 hours? This is what happened to 19-year-old Abraham Biggs.

Cyber Bullying: What is the world coming to when an adult woman can set up a bogus internet site so she and her daughter can torment a 13-year-old into committing suicide? Lori Drew was convicted of misdemeanor computer fraud for setting up bogus sites.

Cyber Sexual Abuse: What is the world coming to when adults can abuse children by befriending them on the internet? Thank you Perverted Justice for all you do to stop these crimes!

For more information on cyber crimes, check out the FBI Cyber Crime page here.

Edited to add:
I didn't realize until my daughter got home from school and told me, but today is Cyber Monday. Apparently it is the biggest internet buying day of the year. Who knew?

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Shadows of the goddess designs said...

there is so much insanity about the world it seems. Such a crime and a waste!!