Monday, December 29, 2008

The World Today

The World Today

It starts with a cyclone - Myanmar is dead
As the global financial crisis closes in
Then China is shook loose from its hinges
While Iraq still bubbles on
Afghanistan caves still hide the threat
And the Israel-Palestine hatred continues
Post-election violence in Kenya, what can it mean
Beijing Olympic Games could not distract the violence
Bhutan has its first ever elections
While the USA elects the historic 44th
Does Iran really have nuke capability
As Finland enters the world of school shooting deaths
Out with Fidel, in with Raul - nothing changes Cuba
Although France's first lady is now a lovely pinup star
Explosions rock in Turkey - and not the Thanksgiving kind
As Mumbai, India suffers its version of 911
Bangkok is controlled by airport occupations
And shoes are a threat to our decider-in-chief
My children never knew the untethered freedom of roaming a neigborhood or ajoining countryside
My grandchildren will have less freedom still
In many ways we are more advanced
But I'd take those simplier times over today in a single minute


Julia Smith said...

Bobbi - I LOVE this.

'Explosions rock in Turkey - and not the Thanksgiving kind'

'And shoes are a threat to our decider-in-chief' (have to say, I'm a big fan of that recent protest!!)

And I love the graphic, too.

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