Sunday, December 14, 2008

Boo - Hiss

Boo - hiss - boo - hiss - it's that time of year again! No, I'm not talking about Christmas holiday or the New Year, I'm talking about the season finale of some of my favorite television shows.

Tonight I lost 2 of my all time favorite: Dexter and Californication.

The season finale of Dexter has Rita and Dexter finally married, Deb has her Detective shield, Miguel Prada is dead and his brother Ramon has come to terms with his life, and all the story lines are wrapped up. So, what's to come with Season 4? Well, we know Rita is having a baby, so Dexter will be a real father at some point during Season 4. Will he be able to rein in his killing tendencies once he's married? And what is it that makes normal rational people root for a serial killer like Dexter?

The season finale of Californication finds Karen moving to New York for a new job, but Hank and Becca are remaining in California. Becca and Damien have made up, so this will probably be a big story line for Season 3. How is Hank going to handle being a single father? How will Karen stand to be away from Becca? Because Becca is my favorite character, I look forward to seeing more of her in 2009. And what about Charlie and Marci (cokey Smurf)? Will they get back together?

Both of these shows have been picked up for new seasons, but they have only stated they will return in 2009 - not when in 2009.

Here's to a speedy return of Dexter and Californication !!!!

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