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Way Back Wednesday - Interview with the Vampire

Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles is a 1994 film, based on the 1976 novel Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice. The film was directed by Neil Jordan, and stars Tom Cruise (Lestat), Brad Pitt (Louis), Antonio Banderas (Armand), and Kirsten Dunst (Claudia).

When it was released to the public that Tom Cruise would be playing the vampire, Lestat, there was an uproar all across the country. For people familiar with Rice's book, it was inconceivable for Cruise to play Lestat - I was among those people upset with the studio's choise of Cruise. However, after the film was released, I whole heartedly changed my mind. Cruise embodied the character of Lestat and made the role his own.

The movie starts in modern-day San Francisco and reporter Daniel Malloy (Christian Slater) is sitting in a room with a man named Louis, who claims to be a vampire. The entire film - as well as the book - are the recollections Louis tells to the reporter.

Louis' story begins in 1791 after the death of his family. Louis is beyond caring whether he lives or dies, until he has an encounter with a man named Lestat. Lestat offers Louis the chance to be reborn and Louis accepts. After he is transformed into one of the living dead, Louis is horrified at the prospect of killing humans in order to live, so he resorts to feeding off the blood of animals.

Then one rainy night, Louis gives in to his bloodlust and feeds off a young girl, Claudia. Disgusted with what he has done, Louis flees into the night - but Lestat is overjoyed. Seeing that Claudia is not dead, Lestat transformed her into a vampire and she goes on to be the daughter of both Louis and Lestat.

The movie then chronicles the trios adventures in America, ending with Claudia's eventual betrayal of Lestat after she learns how she was created. Seeking a new life, Louis and Claudia flee to the old country in search of others of their kind.

Although this movie is not as good as the book - I always prefer the books to the movies - it was a good representation of the story. This is one of those movies I own and I enjoy watching it from time to time.

Favorite quotes:

Slave girl: [to Louis] Are you not hungry sir?
Lestat: Aux contraire mon cher, he could eat the whole colony.

Louis: Her blood coursed through my veins sweeter than life itself.

Claudia: Why not? Can't I change, like everybody else?

Claudia: Rats? When did you eat rats Louis?
Louis: It was a long, long time ago. Before you were born, and I don't recommend them.

Louis: How do we seem to you? Do you find us beautiful, magical? Our white skin, our fierce eyes? "Drink" you ask me, do you have any idea of the thing you will become?

Lestat: Evil is a point of view. God kills indiscriminately and so shall we. For no creatures under God are as we are, none so like him as ourselves.

Claudia: Goodnight sweet prince, may flights of devils wing you to your rest.

Louis: Vampires pretending to be humans, pretending to be vampires.
Claudia: How avant-garde.

Armand: They had forgotten the first lesson, that we are to be powerful, beautiful, and without regret.

Daniel Molloy: So there are no vampires in Transylvania? No Count Dracula?

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