Tuesday, July 21, 2009

3-day-old Baby Attacked by "Family Pet"

Why would ANY parent leave a 3-day-old baby and a Native American Wolf dog in the same house together? Especially a dog who had a habit of taking things off counters and then hiding them.

Unfortunately, this is what happened to a Kentucky baby yesterday, only one day after being brought home from the hospital. The dog went into the baby's room, took him out of the crib and then carried him into the woods 150 yards away.

I am all for animal rights, but not at the expense of an innocent child! I pray this child lives - and then I pray he grows up to lead a normal life. As for the parents, I know there are 2 sides to every story, but I pray they have to pay for what this poor baby has had to live through!

The baby is fighting for his life in UK hospital with puncture wounds to his face and chest. Read the full story on Kentucky.com.

Or watch this morning's video from WLEX TV18 - (Ignore the Darryl Issacs commerical at the beginning).


mrsb said...

Geez, I am a total animal lover, but you don't bring home a new baby and just assume your sweet dog is going to react well to it. You just don't. Dogs, no matter how sweet and well behaved, are still animals.

I hope the baby makes it.

I'm sure the parents are just in hell with grief and guilt.

And I do feel sorry for the dog, who will probably end up getting put to sleep. The article said that it took the baby in it's mouth like it would a pup - it doesn't sound like it was an attack as much as a dog just carrying something that should have been being watched more carefully.

Horrible situation for everyone involved.

MJ said...

I am a HUGE animal lover, but newborn children should never be left unattended around ANY pets, be them cat or dog. Irresponsible parenting and irresponsible pet care! Sad story!

Anonymous said...

First let me correct you by saying this is a dog not a wolf. Native American Indian dogs do look like wolves their are only 5 breeders excepted in this country. These dogs are a mix of German Shepherds, Collies, and huskies maybe a few more breeds but not wolves. Now with that said I still don't understand how this huge dog went upstairs grabbed the baby out of the crib jumped down ran down the stairs and out the door without the parents hearing atleast a thud. Doesn't make sense. Heres hoping little Alex has a complete recovery and that Dakota the dog finds a reprieve considering if this happened it was instincts sounds like he was trying to protect a crying pup(to her).