Friday, July 24, 2009

Free Flowing Friday

This has been a busy week for me, so my Free Flowing Friday is going to be all over the place - bear with me!!

1.) My baby turned 17 on Wednesday! I can't stand it - I don't have any more babies. I'm so proud of Christine, but I would love to be able to keep her little a while longer.

2.) Still reeling from HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE. I'm in the category that really enjoyed the movie - I think it is the best adaptation so far. Not to say I am totally pleased with the decision to cut out crucial scenes or add scenes that weren't in the book. I thought it was pivotal for the next 2 movies - yes, DEATHLY HALLOWS will be divided into 2 movies - to include the following scenes in this movie: the HUGE fight scene between the Death Eaters and the students inside Hogwarts Castle, the funeral for Dumbledore, the betrayal of Hogsmeade and the significance of the Half-Blood Prince.

3.) I have writing group tonight at 6:30 at the KY Agricultural Heritage Center. Good writing, good reading, good friends, good times - what more can you ask?

4.) The Grand Old Mercer County Fair and Horse Show has been in town this week - it is the oldest fair in Kentucky and the longest running "continual" fair in the United States. For the first time that I can remember, the fair was canceled on Wednesday night due to bad weather! Will wonders never cease?

5.) For several months, I've been writing micro-stories about a character named Jade - Jade started out as a simple character to a simple writing prompt, but she has grown into more. This week I finished the 20th micro-story, but Jade is moving so fluid through my head, I feel compelled to finally write about her in greater detail - expanding the tiny stories I've already written. It's really bad when a character in your head demands to come out and play - or does that make me crazy? Hmmm, I'll let you decide.

6.) I have found several old friends on Facebook this week and it has been wonderful catching up with old school mates and past co-workers. It still amazes me I can reach out and touch friends who are states away with just a touch of my cyber-finger.

7.) Went with Christine to school yesterday to confirm one of her classes. The Mercer County School Board has approved her AP European History class through the KVL - Kentucky Virtual Library. This will be an on-line course she will do in the library all school year. She is the only student at MCSH taking this class. She is also signed up for several more AP classes and Advanced Drama. When I was a senior, I tried to take the easiest load possible, but not my daughter - she is all about learning and has taken on a huge school load for her last year in high school.

8.) My Gardening Examiner job is going great - I have been the #1 Lexington Examiner several times this week! It's great how promoting my articles on Facebook, Twitter and several blog sites has increased my viewership. Thanks to everyone who is visiting my page!

9.) I've been a little upset with the way the Stewart Chandler murder story is going on ALL MY CHILDREN. For anyone who reads my blogs, you know I'm obsessed with this one soap opera - it is my afternoon "guilty pleasure." Kendall is preparing to go on trial for the murder, but now they have pulled little Emma Lavery into the story line and I'm not liking it too much. I think it is horrible what they are putting this fictional character through! She is only 7 years old, for goodness sake, stop badgering her! In the real world, what they have been doing to the child would border on child abuse. Please leave the drama for the adults - and believe me, there are plenty of warped characters and drama to go around!

10.) Have found a new TV series to watch - WAREHOUSE 13. It's kinda like a cross between X-Files and a cop show. Two Secret Service agents have been tapped to go to North Dakota and oversee a project at Warehouse 13 - the place where the government stores items of questionable use - example, a device to help Houdini do his magic tricks. So far, there have only been 3 episodes, but it has been very good.

As you can see my thoughts have been over the spectrum this week! I hope everyone has had an enjoyable weeks - here's to next week ....

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