Sunday, July 12, 2009

My 3 Week Empty Nest is Over ...

... and my baby is finally back home from the Governor's School for the Arts. Christine is now a 2009 graduate from GSA!

Here is Christine at the beginning of her final performance. She is reading one of 3 letters about "Dan's Beard" - Dan was her DA (disciplinary assistant) and at the beginning of the session, he had a full beard. After writing the first two letters, he shaved his beard and head - so the 3rd letter is a suicide note from Dan's Beard and Hair.

Three new friends - Jordyn Rhorer, Maddey Gates and Christine.

Dan Bernitt (minus Dan's Beard) and Christine.

Christine with another good friend, Nichelle Green

Christine with her Residence Assistant (RA), Rosalynne Duff

Christine with fellow Mercer Countian, Christian Marnon - they were the only 2 students accepted into GSA from Mercer County.

As you can see, Christine made some wonderful new friends and mentors. She tells us she had a marvelous time and learned many new things. Just from the reading she did on Saturday, I can tell she has finally found her voice.

I am so proud to have a daughter who enjoys creative writing as much as I do. With her permission, I hope to be able to share some of her work with you. She published her first chap book, WE'RE ALL MAD HERE, during her time at Transylvania.

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