Friday, July 3, 2009

Free Flowing Friday

Welcome to Free Flowing Friday, an inside look at the things clogging my brain this week.

1.) It has been over a week since Michael Jackson died and he is still dominating the news. I grew up listening to the Jackson 5 and I was a huge fan of Thriller, but enough is enough. Do all the news channels have to be MJ all day, all the time? His family are in my prayers, but please let the man rest in peace.

2.) I'm missing my baby, Christine, more than ever. She's been gone for 2 weeks now - one more week to go. There is going to be a huge celebration on Saturday, July 11th for family and friends of all the students.

3.) I'm meeting with 2 of my writing buddies after work this afternoon - we are going to work on query letters. I'm so glad I have a group of writing friends I can get together with - I think all writers thrive when they have someone to talk to and bounce ideas off of.

4.) Mercer County now has its own Arts Council - way cool! Joy Mosko, wife of MCSH Drama teacher Dustin Mosko, has filed for local incorporation of the Arts Council. The purpose of the Arts Council is to support local performing and visual artists, present their art to the community and create arts events to enrich local culture.

5.) Maximum, blowing things up weekend at Twin Hills Drive-In tonight. Not only are they featuring 2 blockbuster movies - TRANSFORMERS II and STAR TREK - but you will also be able to see the Harrodsburg fireworks display from Anderson-Dean Park. Come on out and join the fun - box office and concession stand open at 6:30 and fireworks start at dusk. Where else can you see 2 HUGE movies and fireworks for only $5 for adults and $2.50 for children?

6.) Finished Stephen King's DUMA KEY - what a great book! I haven't read some of King's newest books because I haven't been enjoying the direction he was taking his books. DUMA KEY goes back to basics and King has told a wonderful story. The book is 607 pages of pure fun!

7.) I'm thinking I may have to re-read HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF-BLOOD PRINCE to get ready for the movie premiere on July 15 - as if I haven't already read it at least 5 times. We have been without a new Harry Potter for way too long, so I am so looking forward to the newest movie release.

8.) Today completes my first 2 weeks of being the Gardening Examiner for the Lexington group of Examiner.Com. Thanks so much for everyone who has visited and special thanks to everyone who has left a comment. If anyone has a specific topic they would like to see me cover, please feel free to let me know.

9.) Although my writing muse has been in overdrive recently, my head is in a dark place - hence the 3 murder stories I've written over the past 2 weeks. What's up with that? I have so many projects I need to be working on, but it's hard to do when the muse hijacks your brain. Who knows? Maybe someone is trying to tell me something.

10.) I've been looking forward to seeing Johnny Depps's new movie, PUBLIC ENEMIES, but Silas House has panned it. I love House's writing and appreciate his opinion, so now I'm torn about seeing the movie. Do I want to pay over $8 to see Johnny and risk being disappointed? I'm still riding the fence.

As usual, my brain is crammed full of too many things, so this is only a highlight of a few. I'm looking forward to a great holiday weekend, and I hope you are, too!


mrsb said...

I can't tell you how excited I am to see the Harry Potter movie! At least we won't have to wait so long for the next one (as of now at least).

I haven't read Stephen King in years. I miss the old style. I might have to try this new one.

I will probably wait for the Johnny Depp movie to come to Net Flix, unless it come to the "free tickets on Tuesday" theater. I love him to death, but it's not the kind of movie that I'd pay full price to see.

Lynn Irwin Stewart said...

I can't wait for Harry Potter, either -- but I hate that Jason Isaacs won't be in this one!