Monday, July 6, 2009

Give Me Rain Over Drought Any Day ...

... 'cause I'm not a hot weather person.

I am a fall, winter and spring kinda girl and have never been particularly fond of summer, especially the hot and humid summers we normally see in Kentucky. Temperatures above 80 degrees make me want to run and hibernate until the thermometer dips into the low 70s - preferably into the 60s.

But this summer in Kentucky has been a tad different from the norm. After 3 straight years of drought and losing plants and flowers because I didn't want to waste water, we are back to a moist summer. Although we had several days of 90+ degree weather in June, the first week in July has given us nothing but 70 degree weather - hallelujah!

I know, I know - most people love the hot weather of summer - I'm just not one of them. Many people were upset with the rain we had for the 4th of July - lots of places canceled or postponed fireworks because of the weather. Harrodsburg wasn't one of them because the city had scheduled fireworks for Friday night the 3rd. I couldn't figure out why the city would want to do the celebration the day before, buy hey, it worked out this year because there was no rain!

I know we'll have many more HOT days to come - August is typically the scorcher in my neck of the woods. The historic Mercer County Fair and Horse Show comes to town in 2 weeks, and that's always a guarantee of hot, sticky weather and at least one or two thunderstorms.

So while most people are grumbling about the cool temperatures and the rain, I'm thanking my lucky stars 'cause this is perfect weather for me!

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