Friday, October 9, 2009

Free Flowing Friday

What? Friday again? Where did the week go? This has been a jammed-packed week, so here we go ...

1.) Last night several members of my writing group went to the Stars with Accents event at the Carnegie Center in Lexington - this was the kick-off event for the BoomSlang Fest starting this weekend. The event hosted many of the writers/poets who have been featured on the radio program, ACCENTS - 88.1 WRFL Radio Free Lexington - hosted by Katerina Stoykova-Klemer, a Radio Show for Literature, Art and Culture and was voted in the Top 3 radio programs in Lexington by ACE magazine. Some of the featured readers last night were: Eric Sutherland, Donna Ison, Sherry Chandler, Leatha Kendrick, Jan Isenhour, Lisa Willams, Jude McPherson, Ed McClanahan, James Vincent and Katerina. This was a wonderful event and I encourage everyone to support activities of the caliber.

2.) Finished reading Silas House's new book, ELI THE GOOD, this week. Heartwarming young adult that I found impossible to put down. I hope everyone will try to read this wonderful novel. You can check out my review at Bobbi's Book Nook.

3.) OMG - have you been watching this season of DEXTER? I know I must be some kind of warped human being to enjoy a show about a serial killer, but this show is so well-written and suspenseful, I can't help it. John Lithgow is guest starring this season and the Trinity Killer - he is so deliciously evil I've already had nightmares from his performance. Who know the loony guy from THIRD ROCK FROM THE SUN could be so scary?

4.) Last Friday I was so totally nervous about my radio appearance on ACCENTS, I thought I was going to be sick. Turns out, it was actually every fun! Katerina always puts her guests at ease and as long as I was looking right at her, I almost forgot I was on the radio. The program in which Tony Sexton and I were guest is now available for downloading here - it is the October 2nd show.

5.) My wonderful hubby has been stuck working the sunrise shift all this week. That means he has to be at WLEX by 4am every morning - 4am! This means he has had to go to bed at 8:30pm every night in order to be up by 2:30. Needless to say, it has been a sucky week for all. It is really wonderful to have him home by 3 every afternoon, but with him having to go to bed so early - well, you get the picture.

6.) Fall break - yippee!! My daughter is out of school for 2 weeks of fall break. I love this October break - it is usually the time of year we go on vacation, although we aren't going anywhere this year. My hubby and daughter are going to Kings Island one day and they have a college visit scheduled at UK, but other than that, we are have a staycation.

7.) Found an interesting website this week while I was "stumbling around" - Pooktre. They do tree shaping and make wonderful yard art, furniture and accessories. I have always been intrigued by people who are able to shape and mold nature.

8.) Tomorrow is the 2nd ArtVenture for The Arts Council of Mercer County. We will be meeting at Eagles Nest Nature Preserve on Calvary Lane from 9am until noon. All artist of any media are encouraged to come and enjoy the atmosphere and be inspired.


mrsb said...

Dexter is so rocking this season! Love it!

Lynn Irwin Stewart said...

Those trees are amazing!

Julia Smith said...

You and my husband and my cousin - and millions of other Dexter fans - likely all wonder why you're so enraptured with a serial killer. LOL! But the character and the show are incredible. What's not to like?

*applause* for your radio show appearance!

And have fun at ArtVenture.