Monday, October 26, 2009

Dexter vs. Trinity

The Trinity killer is really just like Dexter! I sure didn't see that coming. I know it's strange to be rooting for a bad guy like Dexter, but come on, Michael C. Hall just embodies this character and you can't help but like him.

All this time I thought the deliciously evil John Lithgow was playing a wack-out, deranged killer, but he turns out to be a family man - just like Dexter.

This season of Dexter is shaping up to be a real nail bitter and I'm eagerly awaiting each week's new episode. I also have the new Jeff Lindsay novel - DEXTER BY DESIGN - to keep me entertained. Also, Showtime is also presenting 2 "webisodes" of Dexter, produced to show us some of Dexter's origins. Check out Showtime's Early Cuts.


mrsb said...

I was NOT expecting that! We were wondering how, once he'd completed the 3rd murder, he would still be around to deal with - figuring he'd just move on somewhere else. The possibility that he lived in Miami just never even entered my mind!

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