Saturday, October 24, 2009

Really ...

... I'm not much for conspiracy theories and I have a background in health care - BUT - is anyone else worried about this mad dash to get the H1N1 vaccine? Part of my brain says this is exactly what we need to do to protect ourselves and our families from the swine flu. But there's another part - the dark and scary part of my brain - that's saying, "Wait a minute - why are we all rushing to let the government inject us with a medication."

I don't know, maybe I'm bonkers - maybe it's lack of sleep and too much news coverage.


Helen said...

Bobbi I'm not sure about either. I have decided not to get one hope I'm not sorry. I took the last seine flu vaccine and people died from it. Just going to pray I don't get it. I think there is way to much on th TV. My daughter is scared to death about her kids. Everyday she sees a baby on a ventilator or ECMO. Her kids are all 7 and under. I hope it is different than I think.

The Mother Tongue said...

The last time there was a swine flu scare, some people who got the vaccine did develop Gullain-Barre syndrome. But from what I understand, given the number of people who got the vaccine, the incidence of G-B wasn't very statistically significant.

Moreover, vaccine technology is much more advanced today than it was 30-40 years ago.

Finally, the swine flu vaccine has been developed in exactly the same way as the seasonal flu vaccine that's put out every year; it's not new technology, just a different strain of flu is all.

In short: I'm not worried about it.

kriscake said...

Honestly, I was not worried about swine flu to begin with. My family was not going to line up for the shot. We do not line up for the yearly shot anyhow. (we do vaccinate our children from other conditions) Taking the normal precautions and making sure we have otc remedies on hand was our plan.

Yes, some people have died from it but people die every year from the flu. All that being said, we are just coming out of the piggy flu haze. Tamiflu helped most of the family within 48hrs. I have a violent reaction to Tamiflu and cannot take it. Therefore, it has lasted a good 10 days. Pretty much felt like the normal old flu that I have had before.

Vaccines have come a long. That is true. I felt as though the swine flu vac was rushed and not really worth it . No matter now that we have gone the route of being exposed all on our own.