Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dear Mitch - Wake Up Already!

Dear Senator Mitch McConnell;

Instead of fighting with our new President over partisan politics, why don't you address the issues your fellow Kentuckians are facing at this dire time.

Have you been to visit your home state, the state that sent you back to the White House (and NO, I campaigned vigourously to keep you from being re-elected)? Do you even realize what shape our beautiful Commonwealth is in due to the ice storm from 2 weeks ago? Hundreds of thousands of people are still without electricity or running water due to the devastation.

But yet, you feel it is your duty to cut spending to state governments. How is Kentucky supposed to get back on its feet if there is no money to help the people in need? And did you even know that FEMA sent Kentuckians tainted meals? Yes, that's right, your constituents were given ready to eat meals contaminated with the bad peanut butter - meals that were recalled 2 weeks before the ice storm even hit.

Mr. McConnell, you need to get your head (and your pockets) out of Washington and back to your home state of Kentucky. The election in November demonstrated that Americans want change, but you continue to do business as usual.

Please stop and listen to the citizens of Kentucky. We need help and we sent you to help us - please do your job.


A life-long resident of Kentucky


Shadows of the goddess designs said...

I cant figure out how this idiot ever got re-elected. He has always been So out of touch with ky. I think all jobs like this should be payless and come with No kickbacks..free gifts..etc.

Shadows of the goddess designs said...

I just want to smack some of them in congress with a big stick and say WAKE UP!! Make them come try to live on 200 dollars a week like i am doing and see how they like it GRR!! Would do them a world of good too . To put dozens of job applications in a month for the last year for just a darn part time job and cant even find one of those.. I am on my soap box this morning...:P