Thursday, February 12, 2009

Stewart Parnel - Evil Incarnate

(Photo by Mark Wilson / Getty Images)

Peanut Corp. of America president Stewart Parnell - evil incarnate - refused to testify Wednesday in front of the Congressional panel, siting the 5th Amendment. The owner of the peanut company at the heart of the massive salmonella recall refused to answer the lawmaker's questions about the bacteria-tainted products he defiantly told employees to ship to some 50 manufacturers of cookies, crackers and ice cream.

This man is evil!!! House Energy and Commerce subcommittee hearing on the salmonella outbreak stated that contaminated peanut products have sickened some 600 people and may be linked to nine deaths — the latest reported in Ohio on Wednesday — and resulted in one of the largest product recalls of more than 1,900 items.

The public depends on owners of food production companies to supply us with the safest, highest quality food - this man let down the entire country all in the name of profits.

My Granny always said: "What goes around, comes around." Maybe they will feed this man his own products while he is in prison - hopefully on murder charges.

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Julia Smith said...

Evil Incarnate indeed. Everyone who takes the fifth is admitting 'I'm guilty'.

I take issue with the employees who knew of the tainted products. Not the ones who didn't know, but there were obviously employess who did know, and shipped out the product when he told them to. Was there a gun to their heads? No.

Stewart Parnell is GUILTY. And so are the regular Joes who did things the Nazi way and followed orders. They also knew what would happen and failed to act. They have just as much blood on their hands.

Shadows of the goddess designs said...

he ought to have to eat the contaminated pb for every meal the next month. So many paople eat it as a staple food and is all they can afford

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