Saturday, February 14, 2009

She's Sleak and Slim and So Much Fun

No, sorry - I'm not talking about myself! I'm talking about my new little friend.
I'm so happy this morning, and not because it's Valentine's Day. I'm happy because I'm writing this post on my brand new laptop!! It arrived by UPS late yesterday afternoon - and now I'm posting away like crazy.

My poor old laptop was on her last legs and was needing to be put out to pasture long ago. But with the economy in such a bad shape, we were afraid to spend the extra money, fearing me may need it for something else - like food or electric or rent.

Luckily, both our W2s came before the end of January, so we filed our taxes extremely early and viola` - now I have my new lap top!! And the super thing about this lovely new machine? It has built-in gadgets for wireless internet! So not only am I posting from the comfort of my LazyBoy, but I can also surf the web without ever having to get up! Lazy, I know, but oh so much fun!

Now if you'll excuse me ... I have some surfing to do!!


Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you!

Julia Smith said...

Sounds like a form of heaven. Happy Valentine's Day, Bobbi! And congrats to your daughter, too.