Monday, February 16, 2009


I'm sure by know that everyone has read the negative reviews regarding Joss Whedon's new series, DOLLHOUSE. I read so many negative reviews, I was afraid I would be jaded when I finally got to watch the show on Sunday afternoon.

Not great ... but not bad either. There is lots of room for improvement, and knowing what a talented writer Whedon is, I have high expectations this show will only get better and better.

I'm a huge fan of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, and the first season of this 7 season series is my least favorite. I think freshman seasons are usually slow at picking up steam, and audiences.

I am a big Eliza Dushku fan and it was great to see her back on the screen. You will remember her from playing Faith on BUFFY and ANGEL. And man, did she look buff or what??!! She was definitely in "kick-ass" mode!

So, while we didn't get much background information about the interworkings of the Dollhouse, this only leaves room for the series to get better and better. If only Fox will leave it alone! Remember FIREFLY? Fox killed this Whedon baby almost at birth.

Only time will tell ...

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