Friday, February 13, 2009

The Morning After LOST

Season 5, Episode 5 (#90) This Place Is Death

On the Mainland: Sun has certainly become brazen this season! I always thought she was a weak character, but she is showing a totally different side since she lost Jin. It was shocking last week to learn that Jin was not dead, but I think Sun is having a difficult time believing Ben when he tells her Jin is indeed alive. Would Sun really have pulled the trigger if Ben had not made his proclaimation?

Ben, Sun and Jack run into Desmond outside a church in Los Angeles. To prove that Jin is alive, Ben gives Sun Jin's wedding ring. The four of them meet Mrs. Hawkings in the church - she is the one who can show them how to go back to the island. I'm thinking my suspicions she is Daniel's mother are coming true - only time will tell.

On the Island: Jin is in 1988 with the French survivors and they are attacked by the smoke monster. Here, I had almost forgotten about the smoke monster! Jin escapes, but with the next flash he ends up back with Sawyer's group.

The group is still on the way to the Orchid. Halfway there, Charlotte collapses and the group goes on without her. Her memory is flitting from the present to the past and back again. Daniel decides to stay behind with Charlotte. It is during this alone time that Charlotte tells Daniel she was originally from the Island and she had been warned that if she ever returned to the Island she would die. Who told her she would die? Why Daniel, of course!

Finally at the Orchid, which because of the time flashes is now only a well, Jin makes Locke promise not to bring Sun back to the Island. He gives John his wedding ring and tells him to give it to Sun as proof that he's dead. Locke goes down into a well but falls and breaks his leg when the Island suffers another flash. On the surface, Sawyer is horrified to find the well is not longer there. In the well, Lock encounters Christian Shepard who tells him he must turn the wheel that Ben used to move the island. Locke turns the wheel and there's another flash.

Holy mackrel of the night: I can't believe Sun was going to kill Ben in front of so many witnesses.

Best flash back: Jin being back in the company of Sawyer's group. Sawyer was overjoyed to see Jin again, especially since everyone thought he was dead.

Heart wrenching moment: Watching the look on Daniel's face as Charolette died.

The ah-ha moment: When Jin finds Danielle on the beach killing a member of her team.

What the hell moment: Okay, this week Sayid only had a cameo and we didn't see Hurley at all! I want to see some Hurley action.

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