Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Morning After LOST

"The Life & Death of Jeremy Bentham" Season 5, Episode #7

Excellent episode!! ***SPOILER ALERT***

On the Island: We start out with a strange man and woman in some type of Dharma office. The woman tells the man they have found a man standing in the water wearing a suit - saying he wasn't on the plane. Heading toward the beach, they pass a downed plan with the logo Ajira Airways printed on the side. Ahh - the plot thickens! Who is this mysterious man? Why John Locke, of course, resurrected from the dead.

Flashback to the frozen donkey wheel and Locke is again in the presence of Christian Shepherd. Bright light and flashes - then Locke is in the Tunisian desert with a broken leg.

On the Mainland: Next thing you know, 4 men have gathered up Locke and it looks like he's being tortured - but looks are deceiving. Locke is actually in a crude hospital and the men are trying to fix his broken leg. When Locke wakes up, Charles Widmore is at his side, telling him he has been waiting on Locke's return. He tells Locke they met when Widmore was 17 (on the Island) and that Locke looks exactly the same. It is Whidmore who gives Locke the false identity of Jeremy Bentham. Unfortunately, because of his leg injury, Locke is back in a wheelchair. Now Locke is on a mission.

He tracks down Sayid - but Sayid refuses to come back to the Island. Next, Locke finds Walt, but when he sees how happy Walt is, Locke doesn't ask him to return to the Island. Then Locke visits Hurley - at first Hurley thinks Locke is a ghost. Hurley also refuses to go back to the Island. The same think happens when Locke visits Kate - she refuses to go back as well. Locke has a car wreck and ends up in Jack's hospital. Jack is angry with Locke and refuses to believe anything else he says. He tells Locke to leave the Oceanic 6 alone.

Defeated, Locke prepares to hang himself, but is interrupted by Ben. Ben tells him not to trust Whidmore because he is dangerous. Everything is going fine until Locke mentions Eloise Hawking - then the unthinkable happens!

Holy mackerel of the night: Ben and Locke in the hotel room - I won't say anything else because it's a major spoiler!

The ah-ha moment: When Whidmore tells Locke he was 17 when they first met - further evidence of the time shifts.

What the hell moment: At first I thought Locke was being tortured in Tunisian, but he really wasn't.

The funniest moment: When Hurley thought Locke was a ghost - he had to ask something if Locke was really there.

Best "what I missed" moments: Again, no Sawyer! It has been 2 weeks now, I'm ready for some Sawyer time ...

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Jenny Girl said...

that was a funny moment! I forgot about that.