Monday, February 9, 2009

Information Overload

I don't know about everyone else, but I have been on information overload for several weeks now, and I think my system has finally blown a gasket! From tainted peanut butter to the ice storm to the economic stimulus - isn't there any good news available to the average American?

Although I haven't been too uptight about the peanut butter recall, I think it is a tragedy that ice storm victims were given tainted ready to eat meals. According to the Associated Press:
"Nearly 168,000 emergency meal kits sent to Kentucky in the wake of an ice storm had been recalled more than two weeks earlier because some contained peanut butter that could have been contaminated by salmonella, federal officials said Thursday."

So much for the federal government watching out for the average American.

Then just when we were hoping winter was almost over, along comes the ice storm. According to USA Today it is almost two weeks after the ice storm of '09 and there are still more than 150,000 Kentuckians without power? The government is so worried about a terrorist attack in our country, but what about the attacks of Mother Nature? If the ice storm (hurricanes, tornados, or earthquakes) is a precursor of how our government will respond in the event of another terrorist attack - God protect us!

And finally, the debate over the President's economic stimuls plan. Personally, I think all of Capitol Hill needs to just go home and let average Americans decide on a stimulus package. Okay, so I know this will never happen, but holy guacamole Batman - has everyone in Washington forgotten what it's like to be just one of the little people?

Just remember ... when I'm supreme ruler of the world, things will be different! :)

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Natalie said...

I know how you feel. All the terrible things that have been going on around here and then all the personal stuff I ahev got going on right now has really put me in a funk.