Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Anti-Tax Tea Parties

Although I do not agree with the protest groups which are forming across the country, I thought they deserved a mention.

These new conservative counterculture groups of anti-tax protesters will be protesting against President Obama's plans to counter the growing economic crisis with government spending. Something similar to the Boston Tea Party of 1773 will be taking place all over the country on April 15th, traditionally known in the US as tax day.

One of the biggest problems I have with these protesters, where were they when the Bush administration blew through a 1.6+ trillion dollar surplus left when the Clinton administration left office? Where were these protesters when Bush lied us into an uncalled for war in Iraq, causing thousands of deaths and billions of dollars spent? These people weren't thinking about their grandchildren's future then, were they?

Infrastructure in the United States is pathetic, at best. Our bridges are collapsing, our levy systems are falling down, roads are buckling, power outages are rampant, transportation is outdated - so how do we change these problems? In order to have a sound infrastructure for our children and grandchildren, we are going to have to spend money now to update, modernize and outright change things.

I am currently just a part time Church secretary, but since the Obama tax cuts went into effect last month, my paycheck has been $25+ more each check. I never saw my taxes decreased under Bush. Yeah, Bush gave us a "stimulus" check in the mail, but surprise, surprise - it didn't stimulate the economy. At least Obama's tax cuts have made an immediate impact on my family's weekly income. And new road construction and intersection upgrades are already beginning in my hometown - creating jobs and safer roads for my newest teenage driver.

And I know this is petty, but one of the biggest problems with these, quote "anti-tax" people, they don't know how to spell. If you can't spell politician, don't put it on a sign you'll be carrying in public. These are exactly the people who could benefit from a better education.


Natalie said...

Very well said.

Kacie said...

So true.

And these protests modeled after the Boston Tea Party? They should note that the Bostonians were protesting taxation without representation. We HAVE representation.