Monday, April 6, 2009

Gimme Back Spring!

Gimme me back that good Spring warmth, gimme that warmth...

Boy, oh boy, what happened to Spring? Last week I was moving mulch and today I'm huddled under a knitted shawl trying to stay warm - in the house! I'm not a lover of really hot weather, but I'm just a little tired of the cold - my achy joints don't like it either.

Because it was so cold today, and because it is also the first official day of Spring Break, I roasted a turkey breast all afternoon. The house stills smells sooooo good! Hubby and Miss C gobbled it up! Although Miss C said I may have added a touch too much sage to the dressing, everyone cleaned their plates. Now there is plenty of turkey for sandwiches throughout the week and maybe a pot of turkey noodle soup.


Julia Smith said...

Mmm...can I come over...?

Natalie said...

That looks soooooo good! I made chili last night and the leftovers are being added with leftover veggies from a roast last week and I am making soup in the crock pot today.