Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Morning After LOST

DEAD IS DEAD - Season 5, Episode 12 (#95)

What was with the horses in the first scene? I remember Charlie or Hurley or someone having a "vision" of a horse in the 1st or 2nd season, but I don't remember any other reference to horses on the Island.


So Ethan was with Ben when he stole baby Alex - that was a new bit of info. I felt so sorry for Danielle Rousseau, but it was kind of shocking to learn that Ben actually had a heart at some point in his life. I thought it was creepy when Ben told Danielle, "When you hear whispers, run away." And Charles wanted Danielle and Alex both killed - why?? What's his connection to Danielle??

Sun and Frank are waiting in Ben's old house. When Ben and Locke finally arrive, they show Ben the 1977 group photo of Dharma - the one with Hurley, Sawyer, Kate, Jin, Miles, and Jack. Ben geuinely looks shocked! And what's with the hieroglypic-covered drawing on the wall of the house? Makes me wonder if the original occupant of the house might have been Jacob - guess we'll find out later. I guess it was understandable for Sun to think Jack lied to her about Locke being dead, since he's now standing right in front of her.

And what's with the gross dirty bathtub/pond thingy that Ben drains when looking for Smokey? And then he say, "I'll meet you outside." It seems impausible that Smokey would live in water - but then again, stranger things have happened on Island.

Ah, but Smokey don't play those games anymore and doesn't show up at Ben's beck-and-call. Ben doesn't know where Smokey is, but Locke does - hmm. This really gets Ben's goat - he can't stand it that Locke knows something he doesn't. My favorite line of the night is when Locke tells Ben: "Now you know how it felt to be me."
They arrive at the Temple, but they aren't going inside, they're going under it. When Locke sends Ben in to meet his judgement, Ben tells Sun: "Find Desmond and tell him I'm sorry. He'll know what you mean."

I was so afraid my fears about Penny were true, but alas, as many of Ben's plans go, he was unable to kill Penny. After shooting Desmond (but only wounding him), he points the gun at Penny, but hesitates when he sees little Charlie. Yes - then Desmond beats the crap out of Ben and throws in in the ocean! I was so afraid Ben had killed Penny. Thank God Desmond was only hurt!

Ben finally comes face to face with Smokey as the black monster flowed out of the vents under the Temple and made judgement on Ben. Then Smokey took the form of Alex and told Ben to follow Locke's every order and command. I bet Ben crapped his pants! I know Smokey is the one to pass judgement on the Island, I just wonder if he/it is able to correct the time changes on the Island?

Frank goes back to the other crash victims and is asked the question: "What lies in the shadow of the statue?" It looks like Ilana is now the leader of the 2nd plane crash victims.

Ah ha moment: Learning Charles broke the rules and left the Island numerous times - had a child (Penny) off the Island. So this is how Charles was banished from the Island. "I'll be seeing you, boy!"

Holy mackerel moment: Ben apologizes for killing Locke by shooting Ceasar - remind me to never ask Ben for an apology!

What I missed: Still missing Rose and the other castaways. Also missed the goings on in 1977. Where is Daniel Faraday?

Famous last words: "You're alive."

Best flash back Seeing Ben interact with a 4 year old Alex.

Heart wrenching moment Ben has a heart - he couldn't kill Danielle or Alex.

New Mystery of the night: The hieroglypics on the wall in Ben's old house and on the Temple wall.

Unbelievable of the night: Smokey manifesting as Alex.

Best quote of the night: "As long as the dead guy says there's a reason, I guess eveything will be just peachy."

I don't understand moment: How do Ben, Locke, Sun, Frank and the rest of the gang from the 2nd plane crash can co-exist on the Island with the 1977 Dharma group?

Smokey alert: He's under the Temple, not in the Temple.

Best "pay back's a bitch" moment: Ben being ordered by Smokey to follow ALL of Locke's orders.

Whoa moment: Seeing Desmond beat the crap out of Ben.

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Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

Kate saw a horse... and I think Sawyer too.

I *totally* agree that the whole mud-puddle summoning mechanism thing was just weird... I kind of wanted to turn to the writers and be like, 'seriously y'all?'

Do you think Ben's soft side for children is the reason Ethan doesn't die in the Dharma massacre??

Kacie said...

I just rewatched the horse episode, actually, and it was intriguing. I posted about it here:

Yeah, i think it'll be interesting, because the entire show has played science vs. spiritual. This season really has played into the scientific side - time and space stuff. Still, this temple and Jacob and the visions... all of that is still unsolved and is very "spiritual". Will there be a tension between them in the end, or will it all be explained?

Jenny Girl said...

Brilliant post.
Yes, the mud puddle did not make sense, but I loved how Locke kept reminding Ben about his needing judgement.

And where is everbody else? Whatever happened to Claire? Rose and the gang, etc?

Crystal said...

I hate to burst your bubble but we don't know that Ben didn't kill Penny...or, heaven forbid, Charlie, later. I just don't think he'd apologize for scaring them or for shooting Desmond.

Sarah Eliza makes a great point that maybe Ben let Ethan survive the massacre because he was a baby. I never even thought about the fact that Ethan should have been dead.

Heather J. said...

"remind me to never ask Ben for an apology" LOL - I was thinking the exact same thing!