Friday, April 24, 2009

Free Flowing Friday

1.) I have big plans to today - today is Kentucky Writer's Day at the Capitol in Frankfort. Several people from my writing group are going to watch the induction of our new Poet Laurate, Gurney Norman. This is a great day for Kentucky writers. I was able to get Christine excused from school today, so she will be able to go with us.

2.) I've started a new series of young adult books - Stoneheart Trilogy by Charlie Fletcher. The 3 books are Stoneheart, Ironhand and Silvertongue.
"When George Chapman accidentally damages a stone dragon at the Natural History Museum, he is plunged into an alternate London where the statues are alive."

3.) I've been busy planting the mass amount of hostas I bought earlier in the week. They were $2 a piece for the huge Sum and Substance hostas and for the smaller varigated and golden hostas. I'm lining the walkway from the mailbox with a combination of the smaller ones and planting the large ones up near the front of the house.

4.) I have several DVR programs to watch this weekend - it's been too busy of a week to watch them all. Castle, Heroes, Bones and Dollhouse - this will give me something to do while Keith and Christine are at work tonight and tomorrow night.

5.) And speaking of my family working, the movies this weekend at Twin Hills Drive-In are Hannah Montana and Knowing.

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mrsb said...

Oh, I love Bones! I couldn't get into Dollhouse, no matter how much I tried. I love Joss Whedon. I guess I wanted too much for it to be Buffy-ish!