Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Morning After LOST

The Variable - Season 5, Episode 14 (#100)
"Daniel Faraday returns to the island in order to warn its inhabitants of a catastrophe involving the Swan Station. Jack, Kate, and Daniel start a gun fight with the Dharma Initiative, leading Dharma to go after Sawyer and Juliet. In flashbacks, Daniel's relationship with his parents, Eloise Hawking and Charles Widmore, is shown."

Happy 100th episode!!! I loved this episode because we learned so much about Daniel Faraday. We also learned what a sneaky snake his mother, Eloise Hawkings, is! She puts Sybil's mother to shame.


What the hell moment: Daniel's mom is a true bitch!! All school work and no play will make Daniel a dull boy. I can't believe she didn't want him to continue playing the piano, and then later not have a girlfriend - unbelievable!

Hubba-Hubba moment: Daniel was right cute at his Oxford graduation!!

Funniest moment: Phil in the cabinet at Sawyer and Juliet's house - what did they think they were going to do with Phil??

Famous last words: Daniel, "I'm from the future..." Well, duh!!

Best flash back: All the flash backs about Daniel's earlier life - being the youngest to get his doctorate at Oxford, seeing the girlfriend (lab assistant Teresa), seeing him play the piano as a child - it was great to learn so much about Daniel.

Heart wrenching moment: I had 2 tonight: 1.) Having to watch Penny when Desmond was brought into the hospital. She was so afraid she was going to lose him again. 2.) Daniel telling little Charlotte to make sure she and her mother are on the submarine when Chang gives the evacuation order.

Unbelievable of the night: Charles Widmore is Daniel's father!

Best quote of the night: "Welcome to the meeting Twitchy." What Sawyer said when Daniel showed up at the house for the 2nd time.

"Ah, how sweet" moment: Little Charlie is adorable - I'm so glad he and Penny are okay and it seems Desmond will be fine.

I don't understand moment: I'm still uncertain about what happened to Daniel's memory. I know about the time travel accident and the death of Teresa, but I don't understand what happened to his memory.

The Ah-ha moment: Daniel wants to detonate the hydrogen bomb - the one he told Richard to bury back in 1950something. Apparently the bomb will keep the Swan station from being completed in the 1970s so the abnormal magnetic energy won't escape and there will be no need to build the hutch and no reason to have to push the button every 180 minutes so Oceanic Flight 815 will never crash - making everything right with the world. Whoa - what a mouthful!!

Blast from the past: Sawyer, Juliet, Hurley and Miles are going to be returning to the beach - yeah! Maybe we'll finally see the other castaways again. But hold on - oh no - caught in the act of hiding Phil - maybe they won't get back to the beach after all.

Jealous moment of the night: The look Juliet gave Sawyer when he called Kate "Freckles" - she looked like she wanted to tear Kate's throat open!! And then giving her the fence code so she would leave with Daniel and Jack - this was the first spark of "fire" I've seen in Juliet when it comes to Sawyer. I may change my opinion of her yet ...

Whoa moment: When Daniel said, "My mother was wrong." That was like the understatement of the year!

Holy mackerel moment: Eloise "Ellie" Hawkings shot her own son! I did not see that coming!

Payback's a bitch: You mess around with time travel and you end up having your mother shot you in the back!

What I missed: Once again, where are the other castaways and 2nd plane survivors???


Heather J. said...

Yeah, I’m getting REALLY confused about the other 815 survivors … where/when the HECK are they?!?!

Great episode this week for sure!

Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

Yeah, I loved this episode too... it had me going around in circles at some moments, but in a good way. ;P

And I totally agree about seeing Juliet fire up when Sawyer called Kate "Freckles" -- I was like, YES she's gonna fight for her man! But we'll see what happens on that one, their conversation after that made me a little nervous...

My biggest questions in my post had to do with whether Daniel really dies, or if they do the magic-temple-healing routine on him, and whether Eloise was aware what was going to happen when she sent him to the island, or if the memory will "pop" into her head now that she shot him... Let me know what you think!!

Anonymous said...

The "my mother is wrong" comment made me gasp! I wonder why all of a sudden Eloise isn't getting her predictions right? Does it have something to do with what is going on at the island in 1977? Does that mean what the O6 are doing really is changing the future?

Shellmo said...

Thanks for this recap - I have missed a lot and now I feel like I can catch up!