Sunday, April 19, 2009

When Did USA Become a Nation of Torturers?

In order to bring transparency to the United States Government, President Obama has released a number CIA documents regarding torture.

According to the May 30, 2005 Bradbury memo, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was waterboarded 183 times in March 2003 and Abu Zubaydah was waterboarded 83 times in August 2002.

To sign the petition asking Attorney General Eric Holder to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate torture, visit FDL Action.

I have not had time to review all the documents released, so I don't know all the facts yet. I do know it is a sad day in America to learn that top officials of our government green lighted the use of torture. This makes us no better than other countries who openly use torture techniques.

I love my country and I want to see it safe, but at what cost to our humanity?

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Julia Smith said...

Great post, Bobbi. Unfortunately, being led by a cowardly bully like Bush set all Americans up as co-participants in torture conducted by the US government. Thanks for the link to the petition. I hope millions of people force action on that bit of disgusting hidden 'security' technique.