Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bobbi's Kentucky Fried Chicken

I have lived in Kentucky all of my life, and like mos Kentuckians, I have my own version of fried chicken. Although most of the meats I cook are either grilled or baked, fried chicken is the one exception for pulling out the old frying pan.

Bobbi's Kentucky Fried Chicken

--Chicken of choice; my family likes breast meat, so I always use boneless chicken breasts.
--1 cup milk
--2 cups all-purpose flour
--1/2 cups of yellow cornmeal
--2 tsp season salt
--2 tsp fresh ground pepper
--2 tsp paprika
--1 egg, beaten
--frying oil of choice; I use canola oil
--1 brown paper sack; or large baggie

Several hours before cooking, I soak the chicken pieces in the milk. This helps to tenderize the chicken.

When ready to start frying, put flour, cornmeal, salt, pepper and paprika into brown paper sack and shake to combine. Then dip chicken pieces into the beaten egg; make sure you have egg on all sides of chicken. Then drop chicken into sack, one piece at a time. Fold down the top of the bag and shake well to coat all pieces of chicken.

Add oil to frying pan to a deep of approximately one inch and heat over medium high heat. Oil is ready when a drop of water sizzles in the pan. Slowly add chicken pieces to hot oil. Fry until first side is golden brown, then turn pieces over. When second side of chicken is the same golden brown color, reduce the heat to medium and cover the skillet. You want to continue cooking the chicken slowly until the temperature reaches 150 degrees when a meat thermometer is inserted.

Remove from skillet and drain chicken on several layers of paper toweling. Serve with your favorite side dishes - in our case that would be mashed potatoes and peas or corn.

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That looks delicious!