Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dueling Speeches

Too upset to vent - just read for yourself...

Read President Obama's speech here.

Read former Vice President Cheney's speech here.


Kacie said...

I'd be interested to hear whose side you're on and what makes you steaming mad? :)

Julia Smith said...

No guessing which side I'm on, Bobbi.

Cheney makes me shudder. And not in a good way.

'For reasons the administration has yet to explain,' he says, 'they believe the public has a right to know the method of the questions, but not the content of the answers.'

Even an idiot knows that a tortured person will say whatever it takes to stop the pain. Whatever it takes. Including total lies. They will say anything.

It's a bit late to roam around the country trying to revise his version of things for the history books. HA! Squirm now, Cheney!