Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Morning After LOST

THE INCIDENT - Season 5, Episode 16/17 (#102/103) - Finale
Jack's decision to put a plan in action in order to set things right on the island is met with some strong resistance by those close to him. Locke assigns Ben a difficult task.

******SPOILER ALERT*****

Hello?! - Is the ship on the horizon the Black Rock? And is that Jacob using the loom? Obviously the answers are yes and yes - but who is the other man on the beach with Jacob? Notice how Jacob is wearing light clothing and the other man dark clothing? Must be a sign of some kind. And hello again - there's the big, bad statue standing tall and all in one piece. Interesting how Jacob is sitting in the shadow of the statue - maybe that's the answer to the question, "What lies in the shadow of the statue?"

I have a theory that maybe Jacob is Richard's father - I mean they both never age - maybe they come from the same line of "long living genes" or something. Don't know, just a theory.

Anybody notice the book Jacob was reading before Locke dropped out of the sky? The book was, "Everything That Rises Must Converge" by Flannery O'Connor.

I liked how the Dharma van rolled in A-Team style to try and help out Jack with his suicide bombing mission. I don't like the fact that Sayid very well may bleed to death.

Ah ha moment: Jacob has touched the lives of all the Losties at some point or another - did not know this until tonight. Jacob touches Kate as a child, Sawyer after his parents are killed, Sayid when wife is killed, Locke when he is pushed out the window, at Sun and Jin's wedding, Jack after a major surgery, and Hurley after his discharge from jail. Will wonders never cease? Also, Jacob gives several of the Losties gifts, but not all - Kate gets the lunchbox, Jack a candy bar, Sawyer a pen, and Hurley the guitar (Charlie's?). Also, Jacob touches each of the Losties - was he passing on something through the touch??

What the hell moment: Throw down, Fight Club style - Sawyer and Jack! I've been waiting for this fight the entire series!!

Holy mackerel moment: "You found your loop hole?" Jacob to Locke; then "You have a choice." Jacob announces, "They're coming." Then Ben stabs Jacob and Locke rolls Jacob into the fire. Maybe Jacob is the fire monster, though that may be too simple of an answer. There were ashes all around Jacob's cabin, Smokey is obviously a smoke monster, then Locke rolls Jacob into the fire, turning him into smoke and ash - I'm just saying.

What lives in the shadow of the statue? "Richard, I'm Ilana; I have something you need to see." Richard answers the question, "what lies in the shadow of the statue" in Latin, "Ille qui nos omnes servabit" which translates to "He who will save us all."

Kick ass and ask questions later: Shoot 'em up cowboy - Jack has gone all Charles Bronson on the Dharma crew. Then Juliet going all gangsta and kicking ass on the sub. Then Showdown at the OK Corral between Sawyer and Jack. "See ya in Los Angeles" - now Jack is a suicide bomber.

Famous last words: "They found us." Yeah, Rose and Bernard at last!!

Best flash back: I enjoyed all the Jacob flashbacks, seeing him interact with the unknowing Losties.Heart wrenching moment: "Don't you leave me! Don't you leave me!!" Sawyer trying to hold on to Juliet - so sad. Also, Sayid watching his wife get hit by the car that kills her.

Unbelievable of the night: Juliet getting sucked into the magnetic mine shaft - I don't even like Juliet and I cried!!! But wait, she's not dead yet - oh! - kaboom - maybe she is now.

Best quote of the night: Oh my, there were several tonight! "Sit on my log." - Sawyer to Jack. "I changed my mind when I saw you look at her." - Juliet to Sawyer. "It only ends once. Anything that happens before is just progress." - Jacob. "So yes, I lied. That's what I do." - Ben to Sun. "I'm beginning to think that you make up these rules as you go along." — Locke to Richard

"Ah, how sweet" moment: When Sun finds Charlie's "Drive Shaft" ring and then flashes back to her wedding with Jin.

I don't understand moment: Is Locke dead? Is Locke really Jacob? Is Locke Smokey? Is Locke a figment of our imagination? Also, why did Ilana burn Jacob's cabin? And I still don't understand the significance of Hurley's numbers? I thought we were supposed to learn this in the finale.

Smokey alert: No sign of Smokey in the finale.

Best "pay back's a bitch" moment: Phil getting rammed through the heart with a metal rod - that's what you get for hitting a woman!

Whoa moment: What's in the box? Hell, Locke is in the box!

Could Miles be right: Maybe Miles is right, Jack is about to cause what he's trying to prevent. Maybe the nuke IS The Incident. The hatch is supposed to be created to contain the plutonium leak and not pushing the button in the hatch causes Oceanic to crash. Instead, Jack tries to stop the magnetic force with the bomb, but it doesn't work, so in essence, Jack causes Oceanic to crash. Makes sense to me!

What I missed: Where the hell is Claire????? What about Desmond, Penny, little Charlie, Aaron and Sun/Jin's baby?? What about Daniel - is he only "Island dead" or dead-dead?

Theories: 1.) Who thinks the bomb broke the statue - maybe it's a fertility god - and that's why no one can have kids?
2.) Theoretically, in time there can be two existing bodies of people, so that means that the time loop is in a constant cycle, only in one of the cycles, locke breaks free of the loop.

Oh gosh - it is going to be torture waiting for the last season to begin in 9 months - women can get pregnant and have a baby before the new season starts!

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~*Michelle*~ said...

I was thinking the same thing with that Statue being destroyed and it being linked to fertility issues...

My ramblings are up too....if you can make sense of it all. I am still trying!

Kacie said...

I wrote about the book Jacob was holding - I do think it's significant.

Heather J. said...

Great recap, as always! Sorry it took me so long to get over here to read it.