Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Way Back Wednesday - Driving Miss Daisy

Driving Miss Daisy is a 1989 film adapted from the Alfred Uhry play of the same title. The film was directed by Bruce Beresford with Morgan Freeman and Jessica Tandy. The story defines Daisy (Tandy) and her point of view through a network of relationships and emotions by focusing on her home life, synagogue, friends, family, fears, and concerns. Hoke (Freeman) - the chauffeur - is rarely seen out of Miss Daisy's presence, although the title implies that the story is told from his perspective. Driving Miss Daisy won the Academy Award for Best Picture and was the last PG-rated film to do so.

It is 1948 and Mrs. ("Miss") Daisy Werthan, a 72-year-old widow, lives in Atlanta, Georgia. After a driving mishap, Miss Daisy’s son Boolie (Dan Aykroyd) tells her she will have to get a chauffeur because no insurance company will insure her. Against her wishes, Boolie hires Hoke. It takes many days before Miss Daisy relents and allows Hoke to drive her to the Piggly Wiggly.

This one of those movies I never get tired of watching. If I run across it while flipping channels, I always have to stop and watch.

Favorite movie quotes:

[said to Hoke on his first day of work]
Idella (the maid): "I wouldn't be in your shoes if the Sweet Lord Jesus come down and asked me himself."

[Hoke is trailing Daisy in the car as she walks to the supermarket]
Daisy: "What are you doing?"
Hoke: "I'm tryin' to drive you to the store!"

[Hoke on a pay phone calling Boolie after taking Daisy to the Piggly Wiggly]
"Hello, Mr. Werthan? Yeah, it's me. Guess where I'm at? I jus' finished drivin' yo mama to da store."
"Oh, yeah, she flap around some, but she's all right, she in da store. Oh, Lord, she jus' looked out da window an' seen me on da phone... prob'ly gonna throw a fit right there at da checkout!"
"You sho' right about that! Only took me six days. Same time it took the Lord to make the world! All right, 'bye now!"

This is a great family movie with lots of heart and humor.

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Julia Smith said...

This is another one of those films that makes people's jaw drop when I say I haven't seen it.


Loved the quotes from the film!