Friday, May 1, 2009

Free Flowing Friday

1.) Happy May Day - As a child, this was the day I would pick flowers from my Mom’s garden and give them to my neighbors in colorful handmade baskets. Iris’, peonies, daisies, tulips, roses – whatever happened to be blooming would be the flowers I would pick and I cut the stems to fit the basket and arrange them nicely. I would take these little baskets to several neighbors’ homes, hang them on the doorknob and then ring the doorbell and run away. I always got the biggest kick out of watching my neighbors open their door to a small basket of flowers.

2.) Welcome to the 1st Saturday in May - known to all Kentuckians as Derby Day. The Kentucky Derby is the best 2 minutes in sports. Over the years I've come to dread Derby Day because my hubby always has to work (he works at WLEX) and I hate when he is away from home. I've been to the Derby my one token time and I have no desire to go back - it's much more fun watching all the activities on TV.

3.) Canna lilies - A friend brought me a huge bag of canna lilies he dug from his garden, so I plan on spending the afternoon planting these in my gardens. It's supposed to rain again tonight, so this should be a perfect time to get them nestled into the flower beds.

4.) Amber's wedding - My oldest daughter's wedding is fast approaching (June 20th). I am currently working on a memory book for her with photos and other items from her life. I'm hoping to have this done before the wedding, so I'm working on it several hours a day. I can't believe my baby is getting married!

5.)Writing - I currently have several story ideas rattling around in my brain but I haven't had time to do as much writing as I want. I need to at least get the ideas down on paper and I can worry about fleshing them out later. I'm working on editing a collection of my Mercer's Magazine stories to publish in a book. This is taking me longer than I anticipated.

6.) Mother's Day is fast approaching - it's next Sunday, May 10th. My flowers are just starting to bloom, so I hope I have enough to make bouquets for both my Mom and my Mom-in-law. This is something I've been doing for many years - picking bouquets from my gardens; some years I have plenty of flowers, other years not so many. I'm hoping this year will be a plentiful year, but after the ice storm, I'm not so sure.

7.) Reading - Of course, I'd rather read than do almost anything, but I'm behind on a few book reviews. I guess the main reason is because I've been working in the garden, but I've also been working on Amber's book, so my reading time has been cut almost in half. I am currently reading "All the Layered Light" by Charles Semones. I've read this book of poems and essays before, but Charles was the guest speaker at our writing workshop this week, so I was inspired to re-read his wonderful words.

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mrsb said...

Your daughter is beautiful! It's crazy how fast they grow up, isn't it?