Monday, May 18, 2009

Who Shot Adam Chandler?

Who shot Adam Chandler?

Leave it to All My Children to start a summer mystery. Adam Chandler - portrayed by David Canary since 1984 - has always been a cold-hearted bastard, but you know he's been very, very bad when the suspects number a baker's dozen.

So, let's check out the suspects:

#1 and #2 - Zach and Kendal Hart Slater - Adam gave the go-ahead for the trial use of a new heart valve to be marketed by Chandler Enterprises. The valve is implanted in little Ian Slater and now he is on death's door.

#3 - David Hayward - Adam pulled a fast one and has denied David custody or visitation with Little Adam.

#4 - Krystal Carey Hayward - Adam told a secret about Krystal he swore he would never tell.

#5 - J.R. Chandler - Adam disinherited J. R. - not to mention Adam is now a possible suspect in the murder of J.R.'s mother, Dixie.

#6 - Liza Colby - has returned to Pine Valley and is looking for revenge against Adam.

Also in the house at the time of the murder, but who I think are improbable suspects:

#7 - Tad Martin - Suspects Adam may have murdered Dixie, only Tad went to the Chandler Mansion to stop J.R. from killing Adam.

#8 - Ryan Lavery - Went to Chandler Mansion to prevent Kendall from killing Adam

#9 - Annie Lavery - She was there to kidnap Emma, but she did have a gun.

#10 - Erica Kane - Although she has been helping Adam of late, she is furious he put little Ian's life in jeopardy. Was that Erica's high heeled shoes in the mansion or Liza's?

#11 - Adian Devaine - Adian was only at the mansion trying to find Annie, but he was in the house.

#12 - Colby Chandler - She was so upset over Daddy's death, I just don't think it's possible she is the murderer.

#13 - Scott Chandler - He also doesn't seem like a likely suspect, but he did turn up at the house.

At this point I have no idea who shot Adam - it's going to be a loooooong summer ...

The many marriages of Adam Chandler:

Althea (divorced)
Erica Kane (divorced)
Brooke English (invalid))
Dixie Cooney (invalid; deceased)
Natalie Marlowe (invalid)
Erica Kane (vow renewal)
Gloria Marsh (divorced)
Liza Colby (divorced)
Liza Colby (divorced)
Arlene Vaughan (divorced)
Liza Colby (re-married; divorced)
Krystal Carey [Married; Renewed Vows; Divorced]


mrsb said...

I haven't watched this in a few years, so I was surprised how shocked I was that Adam was shot, lol! Even more shocking? I still knew who most of the suspects were! Doesn't sound like the show has changed much over the years :O)

Julia Smith said...

I watched this show while my gram was alive - it was one of her favorites.

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