Friday, May 22, 2009

Free Flowing Friday

Yahoo - it's Friday again!!

1.) Just came back from a wonderful program at the Mercer Public Library on Locally Grown Food - Localvores. Some of the farmers in our community presented a panel discussion about growing, eating and selling locally grown food. The Mercer Farmer's Market opens tomorrow and I'm so happy - the only thing I have that's even near ready to harvest in my garden is onions and lettuce. I did pick two strawberries, but since my plants are babies, I've been picking off the blooms so the roots will grown. But next year - next year I'll have homegrown strawberries.

2.) Last night my hubby and I went to the Mercer County Board of Education meeting. The BOE honored my youngest daughter, Christine, for being accepted into the Governor's School for the Arts. I'm sorry, but I just can't quit bragging about Christine - we are so proud of her.

3.) At 4pm, my oldest daughter, Amber is getting her hair done - she is trying out hairstyles for her wedding next month. I'll be there to take pictures so we can decide on a style. She has another appointment next Friday for a different style.

4.) My writing group meets tonight at 6:30, The Community of Mercer County Writers - or Nomadic Ink. Our assignment for May was a 2 page story entitle "My Mom and Me." I really look forward to our monthly meetings. Next Sunday, the 31st, we have a reading scheduled at the KY Fudge Company at 2pm.

5.)Terminator Salvation opened today, so we're planning a trip to the movies tomorrow afternoon. This will be the 3rd Saturday in a row we've been to the movies - that hasn't happened in a long time. I can't wait to see what direction they take the Terminator series. In this movie, we'll finally get to see John Conner in 2018, fighting the war with machines we've only heard about.

6.) I'm hoping to get some local strawberries this weekend. I have plans to can some strawberry jam. It's been a few years since I made jam and we are totally out of homemade. Right now, my blackberries are blooming, so I hope to be able to make blackberry jam in the next few weeks.

7.) I'm reading a great book for my book club - ISABELLA MOON by Laura Benedict. It is the story of the search for a missing 9 yo girls and all the dark secrets of a small town community. My book club - the Mercer County Library Lunch Bunch - meets on Tuesday, May 26th at noon.

8.) I'm ahead of schedule with some of my writing, which is unusual for me. I've already turned in my Mercer's Magazine story for July and my Super 70s column for July. Yeah me!

9.) Tomorrow after the movies, I have plans to meet up with my good friend, Tammy, and we plan to have a writing session. We love to get together to write, but we usually end up talking more than writing, but that's okay. You can check out Tammy's bi-monthly column in the Sunday Advocate Messenger - Hillybilly Zen.

10.) I'm off to the kitchen to check my bread - I mixed up some dough and now it's on its first rise. I'm using my "no Knead" recipe, so it couldn't be simpler to make fresh, homemade bread. Yummy, fresh bread for supper - delicious!

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Julia Smith said...

What a great post. Full of great stuff. My late friend Pam the Eco Hero was a huge supporter of grown-locally food. Really glad to hear you're into it, too.

And there's never too much bragging when your kids are amazing.